There’s so many styles and uses of non-prescription glasses on the market today that it can be a real hassle to find the pair that works just right for you. The two main types of non-prescription glasses are computer glasses and reading glasses. But what are the differences between the both? Are they the same?

Computer glasses protect the eyes against the strain of staring at a computer monitor, at the same distance, constantly and also protect the eyes against the irritating light of a computer monitor. Reading glasses are used to magnify the words or letters of traditional paper reading material.

If you’re interested in buying yourself a new pair of glasses for work and home,  learning more about the differences between reading glasses and computer glasses is the best way to make a decision on which pair works best for you. We’ll be covering what they are used for and which ones are the best on the market, and more below! 

What Are Computer Glasses for? 

There’s no use in purchasing a product if you don’t know what exactly they are used for, so answer the question of what computer glasses are for? There’s two major jobs that wearing a pair of computer glasses will take care of. 

Eye strain from holding your eyes at the same distance and position for a long time and just generally overusing them but also easing irritability in the eyes caused by the blue light that a computer screen emits. 

It’s important to remember that simple blue light glasses are not the same as computer glasses and while computer glasses carry the same importance as blue light glasses do in protecting the eyes from light, the magnification of the computer glasses is the most important part.

What Are Reading Glasses for? 

Reading glasses are another form of non-prescription eyeglasses available on the market. 

They are mostly viewed as a non-prescription way to treat farsightedness and aging eyes in general. Reading glasses are used for detail oriented tasks such as sewing and for reading fine printed paper items like books, magazines and newspapers. 

How Do Computer Glasses Work?

Nothings more important when owning a product than knowing how it works and the same thing goes for glasses.  So how exactly do computer glasses work? 

Computer glasses are primarily made with an anti-reflective coating to help reduce the glare of the computer monitor and a tint in the glasses that increases contrast in the computer screen to improve the viewing experience.

How Do Reading Glasses Work?

We’ve covered how computer glasses work, now it’s time to find out how reading glasses work. Sure they have a similar shape and material to computer glasses but they are still very different for numerous reasons, including in how they work! 

Reading glasses use magnified lenses in order to make the words of a book or delicate stitches of clothes larger and easier to see. They don’t have any special protective coating against UV or ‘blue’ light like computer glasses do.

The 3 Best Computer Glasses 

We know how computer glasses work and what computer glasses are used for, now let’s find out which computer glasses are the best on the market. 

The 3 best computer glasses on Amazon include:

  • Gamma Ray Computer Glasses with UV light blocking tint can be found here for $14.99.
  • Felix Gray Turing computer glasses in whiskey turquoise can be found here for $98.00.
  • Emory computer glasses in blue plastic can be found here

Now, let’s see the best reading glasses.

The 3 Best Reading Glasses

Reading glasses come in many different styles and colors, ranging from inexpensive to expensive. 

Continue reading below to find out which reading glasses are the most sought after today and find the best pair for you:

  • Foster Grant McKay reading glasses can be found here for $31.54
  • Whalen reading glasses in Acorn Turquoise can be found here for $95.00.
  • Notting Hill in cat eye ivory and tortoise reading glasses can be found here for $35.00

Now you’ve seen 6 different glasses. We hope you are able to find a pair of computer ro reading glasses that suits you since you’ve learned what either of these glasses or for, and how they work.


Many different types of glasses exist for all sorts of purposes and uses. Both prescription based and non-prescription based. Reading glasses and Computer glasses are two widely used non-prescription based glasses used by people of all ages, and definitely are not the same. 

The major difference in these glasses are the UV protective coating that computer glasses have, which reading glasses do not. As well as the magnifying of reading glasses compared to computer glasses who don’t hold the same degree of magnification.