Maybe you have always dreamed of going on a tropical vacation and snorkeling in the pristine blue waters. Snorkeling can be a unique experience allowing you to interact with a different world. But, if you have glasses, you may be wondering if you can go snorkeling with your glasses on. 

No, you cannot snorkel with glasses on. If you wear your glasses usually, the earpiece will cause the snorkel not to fit tightly and fill with water. Instead, you can modify your glasses, use corrective lenses in the mask, or even buy snorkel masks with corrective lenses built into the mask. Using these other methods will allow you to see and snorkel to your heart’s content.

There are many different ways you can still snorkel without glasses. Read on to learn different ways you can snorkel if you wear glasses.

Alternative Ways To Snorkel Without Glasses

Since you cannot wear your glasses normally with the snorkel, there are other ways to allow you to see when you snorkel. Each of these choices will help you to see the beautiful underwater landscape. You can either modify the snorkel yourself, or you can buy them premade. It all depends on your skill level and the amount of money you want to spend.

No Processed Magnification

When you wear snorkeling masks or goggles, you will see underwater if you don’t wear glasses. Everything will look larger and closer. The reason behind this is because the water acts as a natural magnifier.  It will make things easier to see and close to you.

It may be easier and quicker to wear snorkels without any modifications if you have a low prescription. In addition, you will be able to see everything at a 25% magnification which will help you see better. 

Contact Lenses Instead of Glasses

If you usually wear contact lenses, you can use them instead of wearing glasses. The contact lenses will help you to see without the water in your goggles. This can be a safe and cheap option if you already wear the contacts. 

Deciding if contact lenses are the way to go snorkeling for you, you need to make that decision well enough ahead of time. Contact lenses require a prescription and a visit to your optometrist. This can be expensive and time-consuming, so you should make sure you are making the decision best for you.

When you are using contact lenses, soft lenses are the best option for your eyes when snorkeling. Water pressure will force these lenses to become dry and be forced almost out of your sight. Soft lenses will be better and adapt more to the pressure environment.

Prescription Snorkel Mask

Another option you have, especially if you want to snorkel often, is to get a prescription snorkel mask. You can either have one made for you or buy a premade one for your vision. These are probably the most expensive options for a snorkel. Premade options are a bit cheaper but are still costly. 

A mask made just for you can be great, especially if you have more severe vision problems. They can be customized for your astigmatism or your strong prescription. It can even be designed to fit your face to keep them snug to your face.

Amazon and other retailers will stock the premade masks, but it is essential to know your measurements and vision needs before placing your order. Also, when deciding what prescription mask you are going to buy, you need to make sure you are buying it far enough ahead of your trip.

Prescription Lenses For Snorkel Mask

A cheaper option for the snorkel mask is to pop out your lenses and insert prescription ones. Companies around the world will make prescription lenses for your snorkel. These can be premade or custom-made for your personal use.

This is a lot cheaper and easier option than buying a prescription snorkel mask. If you are going on vacation, this may be a better option if contact lenses are not possible for you. Also, your eyes do not need to get used to the mask, but contact lenses take time.

Make Your Mask

If you are crafty, you can always make your snorkel mask. This requires an old pair of glasses and a snorkel mask. You can take your glasses and fit the lenses and front part of the frames into the mask. 

This can be a more economical solution, and there are plenty of tutorials online. This allows people to scuba dive if they are only going a handful of times, making it more economical.


There are plenty of ways to snorkel if you wear glasses. Each of the choices has its pros and cons and can allow you to enjoy snorkeling.  Now that you know about the options you have, you can choose the best one for you.