An astigmatism can prove a difficult obstacle when buying contact lenses. The abnormal curvature of the eye can make it hard to find lenses that fit securely and comfortably. 

If you have astigmatism, you should only wear specialized contacts made for people with the condition. Wearing traditional contact lenses can worsen an existing astigmatism.

Wearing Contact Lenses with Astigmatism

If you have an astigmatism, you know finding contact lenses that work for your eyes can be a massive challenge. 

The most important thing to remember is that, if you have an astigmatism, you should only wear contact lenses specially made for eyes with astigmatism. 

Wearing regular contacts can make your astigmatism worse.

With the help of a specialized eye doctor, contacts made for people with astigmatism can even help correct the condition. 

Is It Okay to Wear Normal Contact Lenses with Astigmatism?

If you have an astigmatism, it is essential to only use specialized astigmatism contact lenses. 

Not only can non-specialized contact lenses worsen your condition, but they are also usually very uncomfortable for people with astigmatism to wear. 

How Are Astigmatism Lenses Different from Normal Lenses?

Specialized astigmatism contact lenses are a necessity if you have an astigmatism. 

Regular contact lenses only have one layer, meant to correct vision. Specialized astigmatism contacts, on the other hand, have a second layer to correct astigmatism.

Specialized astigmatism contact lenses correct astigmatisms by maintaining their shape while placed on your cornea, which corrects the irregular eye shape astigmatism causes. 

Regular contact lenses bend to the standard shape of your eyes, which can make astigmatism worse. 

What Water Content Should Astigmatism Contact Lenses Have?

Every contact lens has a certain amount of water in it. This keeps the lenses moist and prevents them from drying out your eyes. Astigmatism contacts are no different. 

If you have an astigmatism, you should choose a pair of specialized contact lenses with at least 48% water content.

Astigmatism contact lenses need to have a higher water content than regular contact lenses because eyes with astigmatism become dryer quicker. 

Are Monthly or Daily Contacts Better for Astigmatism?

Contact lenses usually come in two varieties — daily and monthly. 

Daily contacts are meant to be disposed of after one use, while monthly contacts are more durable and can be reused over thirty days. 

Astigmatism contact lenses come in both daily and monthly varieties. However, daily contacts better prevent the build up of bacteria under the lenses.

Monthly astigmatism contacts can be worn for up to thirty days, but they need to be cleaned daily to prevent eye infections. 

What Are the Best Brands of Astigmatism Contact Lenses?

If you have an astigmatism but still want to wear contact lenses, you may be wondering which brand is best. 

A few of the best contact lenses for people with astigmatism include:

  • Biofinity Toric for Astigmatism
  • Precision1 for Astigmatism
  • Bausch + Lomb ULTRA for Astigmatism

Any of these brands will offer a comfortable experience.

Biofinity Toric for Astigmatism 

Biofinity Toric lenses for astigmatism are the most hydrating option for people with astigmatism. They are a great option for people with chronically dry eyes

Biofinity Toric for Astigmatism lenses have a water content of 52%.

Precision1 for Astigmatism

Precision1 contact lenses for astigmatism are single-use, so they’re a great option for people with astigmatism who prefer daily contact lenses over monthly contact lenses.  

Precision1 for Astigmatism lenses have a 51% water content.

Bausch + Lomb ULTRA Contact Lenses for Astigmatism

Bausch + Lomb ULTRA contact lenses for astigmatism are a great option for people who spend a lot of time looking at a computer. 

These contact lenses help prevent glare and eye strain from long-term screen exposure, and they have a water content of 46%.

How Do I Clean Astigmatism Contact Lenses?

Like all contact lenses, specialized astigmatism contact lenses need to be cleaned regularly to avoid infection, especially if you are using monthly lenses. 

To properly clean your contact lenses, follow the steps below:

  • Wash and dry your hands.
  • Fill your contact lens case with a water-based disinfectant solution.
  • Thoroughly rub each lens with the solution.
  • Put the lenses back into their case and close the chamber.

Monthly astigmatism contacts need to be cleaned after every use.