Are you looking for a pair of glasses with a low bridge? Also known as Asian-fit glasses, these designs are a great choice for those of us with a low nose bridge. So let’s find out if Warby Parker has any Asian-fit glasses that you might like! 

Warby Parker does have Asian-fit, low-bridge glasses. In fact, the company offers more than two dozen low-bridge options within both the men’s and women’s glasses categories. 

Asian-Fit Glasses From Warby Parker

Warby Parker not only has dozens of Asian-fit low-bridge glasses designs available, but the company also has an entire page on its site dedicated to explaining what these types of glasses have to offer and why they may be the best option for you. 

Essentially Asian-fit glasses are made specifically for those with a low nose bridge, i.e., your nose bridge is at or below your pupil line. 

Many of the designs that we’re going to look at today also have larger nose pads, adjusted lens tilt for comfort, and slightly curved temples that allow for a wider fit. 

Best Men’s Low Bridge Glasses From Warby Parker

Although more than 24 pairs of low-bridge glasses are available at Warby Parker, there are a few especially fantastic options to choose from. 


The Fletcher frames have a black matte coloring that not only will sit perfectly on a low bridge nose but also are wide set to better suit a round or wide face. 

With scratch-resistant lenses available for single-vision, progressive, and reading prescriptions, there’s nothing not to love about these frames!


If you prefer clear instead of black frames, you may want to opt for the Esme glasses. 

It’s important to note that Warby Parker also sells the Esme style with a standard nose bridge, so make sure that you select the low bridge option before ordering if these are your favorite. 


The 70s-inspired shape and forest green coloring of the Landon glasses from Warby Parker makes this pair of frames especially stylish. 

Plus, with the low bridge fit, they will not only look great, but they will also sit comfortably on your face!


The Crane frames are truly one of a kind. They are both brown and sky blue, and as the lighter color is on the bottom of the glasses, they are a great option if you want to make your face look longer as opposed to wider. 

The slim rectangular shape and the low nose bridge are perfect for those with high cheekbones or a rounder face. 


Looking for round frames as opposed to angular options? Look no further than the Percey glasses from Warby Parker. 

With a low bridge, round academic-looking style, and four different color options to choose from, the Percy frames are one of the company’s best-selling designs. 


Finally, the Kimball glasses are certainly the Asian-fit option on our list with the funkiest style! 

These tortoiseshell frames are quite chunky, and their vintage-inspired design with a keyhole bridge that sits perfectly on low-nose bridges makes them a fantastic choice if your bridge sits below the pupil line. 

Best Women’s Low Bridge Glasses From Warby Parker

You can also find dozens of Asian-fit or low-bridge options within Warby Parker’s women’s eyeglasses. But here are a few of our, and other customers’, favorites. 


Available in Cognac Tortoise and Rosemary Crystal, the Wright frames don’t provide serious comfort but also will ensure you feel stylish all the time! 

And, of course, because they have the low bridge fit construction, they will sit snugly on your face without falling off. 


The Durand frames are round, wide, and perfectly suited for those with a low nose bridge. 

And because they can be ordered in five different colors, you can choose the style that best suits you and still be completely comfortable!

In fact, you can choose whether you want to order them in medium, wide, or even extra wide fit, so they sit perfectly on your face. 


Do you want your glasses to make a statement? Then you should definitely opt for the Daisy frames from Warby Parker!

You can choose from colors such as Cardinal Crystal, Jet Black, Tea Rose Fade, or Violet Quartz Crystal, and the best news is that every option has low bridge construction for your low bridge nose. 


The Carlton glasses are absolute classics. They offer a round frame that will not only make you look quite smart but also will enhance your face shape while sitting comfortably on a low bridge nose. 

The unexpected angular bottom gives these round glasses a bit of edge! And with the clear crystal coloring, you really can’t go wrong with the Carltons. 


With the low bridge comfort fit construction, funky cat eye flair, and a variety of fun colors to choose from, the Shea frames are some of Warby Parker’s coolest glasses. 

The bowed browline is not only fun to look at, but it is extremely flattering for most faces. These glasses are also available in children’s sizes.


Last but certainly not least are the Wilkie frames. Warby Parker calls them the “never fail frames” as they go with absolutely everything and everyone! 

The wide, slim, and angular frames are a classic look, and if you want to get a little crazy, you can opt for one of the funkier color options.