Warby Parker is best known for having stylish frames and quality lenses that fit sensible budgets and access to all kinds of insurance. So does Warby Parker take FSA?

Warby Parker combines Flexible Spending Accounts with other ways to make paying more manageable and accessible. Customers with an FSA account will have no problem purchasing Warby Parker glasses.

Knowing what your FSA covers and if you can use it could be nerve-wracking for people who often don’t deal with insurance issues. Read on and learn all you need to know about Warby Parker and FSA.

Warby Parker’s Flexible Spending Accounts Policies

One of the best things about Warby Parker is that they give you several ways to pay using your FSA and standard forms of payment like a credit card.

They can reach a broader customer base by offering insurance a few different payment options while still delivering the top-notch styles and frames that people love.

Knowing if You Have an FSA is the First Step

Some people could be unsure if they have a Flexible Savings Account.

However, there are a few places to check to ensure you are in business, and they aren’t that hard to track down.

A few places to check to see if you have a Flexible Savings Account are as follows:

  • Insurance Policy – One of the best places to see if you have an FSA is by checking the contents of your insurance policy. It should be listed towards the top and in the body.
  • Employer – Another great source of info is your employer. They often have insight into the plans offered and can determine if you have an FSA.

Knowing if you have a Flexible Savings Account is the first step in the process.

Once you know what your plan provides, you can shop for some great Warby Parker glasses.

The FSA Options with Warby Parker are Fantastic

An FSA works like a pre-paid spending account.

You take money around tax time or from your regular pay and add it to an account that you can use for future medical expenses.

A few of the ways you can use your FSA to pay for Warby Parker are as follows:

  • Different Cards – One of the easiest ways to use your FSA is to have it split or backed with a credit card. By splitting cards, you could defer payments or avoid them altogether.
  • HSA – Health Savings Accounts are the same as an FSA, allowing people to set aside their pay to get a glasses upgrade from Warby Parker.
  • FSA/HSA – A great thing about Warby Parker is that they will allow you to use both FSA and HSA to get the products you need.

Warby Parker works well with Flexible Spending Accounts and even allows you to spread the balance out among other insurance plans or credit cards.

Buying Power with an FSA is Unmatched at Warby Parker

When you buy with an FSA, there could be a limited number of products, or specific options might not be available.

Your FSA does not impact the buying options at Warby.

A few buying options that are available when using an FSA at Warby Parker are:

  • Sunglasses – Something other companies might not allow you to get are sunglasses. With an FSA, you can buy prescription sunglasses with no restrictions.
  • Contacts – Your FSA can also get you stocked up on your contact lenses. Contacts can be expensive, and Warby provides excellent lenses at sensible prices.
  • Eye Exam – Warby Parker also allows you to pay for your eye exam with money from your Flexible Spending Account.
  • Eye Glasses – Warby Parker doesn’t have regular eyeglasses available with the FSA but others like blue-light glasses and readers.

Using your FSA, possibly combined with other forms of payment, you get a deal from Warby Parker that stands up to any other offer.

Using the FSA Could Have Limitations

With an FSA, there could be stipulations regarding when you can order and get new glasses from Warby Parker.

A few blackout dates that might influence the buying power of your FSA are as follows:

  • End of Policy – If your policy renews yearly simultaneously, you could be barred from buying within the last few days of the policy’s life.
  • Transition Dates – Another time you could be barred from using your FSA to buy Warby Parkers is when you move from one job to another, regardless of keeping the same insurance plan.

FSAs are subject to terms that are only clearly defined if you read the policy. Be sure to read the policy for details.


Warby Parker makes stylish frames with high-quality lenses. Many insurance companies also accept them.

Using your Flexible Savings Account to buy products from Warby Parker is a fantastic idea. They work well with FSAs, and you can bridge payments from various sources.

Choosing Warby Parker is a fantastic idea, and when you pair Warby with an FSA, you have near unlimited options for taking care of your eyes.