It is normal for people today to stare at their computer, laptop, or phone screens for long periods of time because of their jobs or for enjoyment during their free time. This can cause them to experience digital eye strain that will hinder their enjoyment time or during work. Is there anything that can help your eyes to prevent this?

Computer glasses are the perfect solution for you to help ease the symptoms of digital eye strain or eliminate them altogether. They are perfect to use throughout your work week or when you are using any of your electronic devices during your free time. 

Continue reading to learn more about the functions of computer glasses, the various kinds that are offered, and which one would be the perfect choice for you. 


Negative Side-Effects of Staring at Your Display Screen for Long Periods of Time


Display screens on electronic devices emit blue-light waves which do not overwork your eyes if you are staring at a display screen for a short amount of time. However, there are negative side effects if you tend to stare at display screens for a long amount of time throughout the day. 

The blue-light waves that are being emitted will cause your eyes to overwork if you stare at a display screen for too long which causes digital eye strain, or computer vision syndrome.

You may experience some symptoms such as:

  • Achy or dry eyes 
  • Headache 
  • Blurred vision 
  • Doubled vision 
  • A pinching feeling between the nose 
  • Pressure around your temple 
  • Tired eyes 

Computer glasses can combat these negative side effects so that you will not have to deal with them while you are working or using your electronic devices.


The Benefits of Computer Glasses 


Computer glasses are perfect for any situation where you will be staring at a display screen on a computer, laptop, or phone for a long time such as for work or during your free time. 

The primary purpose of these specific kinds of glasses is to prevent digital eye strain. They do this by relieving any muscle tension surrounding the eyes and making it easier on the eyes, so they do not become overstrained. 

Computer glasses are made with 3 primary features in mind: 

  • Anti-glare coating is added to control how much is being reflected. By decreasing the amount of glare being reflected, your eyes will not be strained as much while you are staring at your display screen. 
  • Computer glasses are also made with slight magnification. This is to help soothe your eyes while you are using your electronic device throughout the day. 
  • The last feature of computer glasses is decent pupil distance. This feature helps our eyes stay in what is called the “converged position” by decentering the lenses of computer glasses. This will help you from overworking your eyes.

Now let’s look at the different types of computer glasses that you can buy. 

Different Types of Computer Glasses

There are a few types of computer glasses that you should consider when you are looking to buy one.

Single-Vision Lenses

These help reduce the number of obstructions you see while you are working on your computer, allowing you to focus more on the computer screen. However, these lenses are made so that the only thing that will appear clear is the computer screen while everything else around it will be blurry. 

Flat-Top Bifocals

These are glasses with the upper half for making objects clear that are computer screen length and the bottom half for objects that are closer. These lenses will help you if you need to work on things outside of your computer screen. The negative thing about flat-top bifocals is that the line separating the two is visible, making it a nuisance sometimes. 

Variable-Focus Glasses 

These help your vision at three different ranges without a visible line differentiating them on the lenses. This allows clear unobstructed vision while you are using them. The only downside is how expensive they are since they are much more expensive than the other two since the variable-focus glasses are more difficult to make. 

As you can see, these are the three types of computer glasses that you should be looking into to decide which one is the perfect fit for you. However, regardless of which style of computer glasses you decide to go with, they will all still protect you from the negative side effects and symptoms of staring at any display screen for long durations. 


Alternative Methods to Help with Digital Eye Strain 


Although computer glasses are beneficial to you when you are looking at a display screen, there are alternative methods that are proven to be helpful as well.  

Apply the 20/20/20 Rule

The 20/20/20 means that for every 20 minutes that you are staring at a display screen of an electronic device, you should stare at an object 20 feet away for 20 seconds. If you are too busy with work or feel that this is too tedious, you can simply rest your eyes every 1-2 hours by looking up from your display screen for 20-30 seconds. 

Add Eye Drops to Your Eyes

We tend to blink less while we stare at our display screens causing our eyes to become dryer. Adding artificial-tear eye drops once or twice throughout your time staring at a display screen will help lubricate your eyes and prevent them from becoming dry. 

Adjust the Font Size

The size fonts or images that are pre-set on our electronic devices may be too small for you when you are using the device. This causes your eyes to overwork trying to read the words or look at a picture, especially if you are looking at them on a computer monitor that is further away from you. 

Increasing the size of the font and pictures in your settings will help ease your eyes from overworking themselves. 

Boost the Contrast Display

By adding more contrast that is being emitted from your display screen, it will put less strain on your eyes. 

Decrease the Glare

The glare, or brightness, of the display screen on your electronic device, can cause strain to your eyes if it is too bright. Turn down the brightness to about 50% to 0% to help solve this problem. Adding an anti-glare screen protector on the display screen can also help reduce the glare from your electronic device. 

Buy a Better Computer Monitor

This will ensure that you will be staring at a display screen that offers better resolution, making texts and pictures appear clearer on the screen. 

Adding these methods throughout your working day or during your free time while wearing your computer glasses will truly help ease digital eye strain and the symptoms that are associated with it. 


Digital eye strain, also known as computer vision syndrome, can pose more of a problem for many people since they are fixed on a display screen of an electronic device for long durations throughout the day. However, this syndrome and its symptoms can be easily avoided with the help of computer glasses.  

Wearing computer glasses has 3 primary features with 3 different types of computer glasses that you can choose from. These will keep your eyes from overworking themselves and decrease the possibility of straining them.