Eyelashes are not just known as beautiful accents to our faces; they are also necessary to protect your eyes from debris and dirt! So if you’ve noticed that you are losing eyelashes, you might want to know: How many eyelashes do you lose in a day, week, or month? 

Most people lose between:

  • 2-5 eyelashes per day
  • 14-25 lashes per week 
  • Up to 100 eyelashes per month

In this article, we are going to find out not only how many eyelashes you will naturally use per day, week, and month but also why eyelashes shed and also how to know if your eyelashes are healthy! So read on if you want to become an expert on eyelash loss. 

Why Do You Lose Eyelashes?

Before we dig into how many eyelashes you can expect to lose, you first need to understand why you lose eyelashes.

Eyelashes naturally fall out just as you shed hair on your head. In fact, it would be unnatural and unsafe if your eyelashes didn’t fall out every once in a while!

Your eyelashes have a natural growth cycle of about 10 weeks. They continue to grow and fall out throughout your life, and you will always have between 80-120 lashes per eye. 

However, you should know that there is considered a normal rate of eyelash loss and an unhealthy amount. So let’s find out the difference. 

How Many Eyelashes Do You Lose in a Day?

Most people usually lose between 2-5 eyelashes per day. Now, that does not mean you should expect to see 2 eyelashes on your cheek or pillow every day. 

There will be some days where you don’t lose any and other days where you lose a few more. But the general idea is that you don’t have to worry when you see a few eyelashes coming out on a daily basis. 

How Many Eyelashes Do You Lose in a Week?

If you do the math, losing an average of 2-5 eyelashes per day means that you will lose between 14-25 eyelashes per week. 

Once again, many of us don’t even notice we are losing eyelashes every day. And sometimes, it may feel like you have lost quite a few all at once. 

But don’t worry; as you can see, losing two dozen eyelashes every week is completely normal!

How Many Eyelashes Do You Lose in a Month?

Losing 14-25 eyelashes per week can mean that you could lose between 56-100 every month. 

And while that may seem like quite a lot seeing as that you only have between 80-120 at a time, it’s important to remember that your eyelashes are constantly growing and replacing each other as the cycle continues. 

Therefore, you will never have less than the necessary amount if you are taking care of your eyelashes and ensuring they are healthy! 

Can You Prevent Eyelash Loss?

Although eyelash loss is certainly normal and healthy, you should still be cautious. Because of makeup and other personal habits that many of us do on a regular basis, some people are consistently losing more eyelashes than they should. 

So here are the habits that you can and should follow in order to protect your eyelashes from excessive loss. 

  • Remove your makeup gently
  • Don’t rub your eyes
  • Don’t use an eyelash curler. 
  • Be careful when removing false lashes.
  • Eat a healthy and nutritious diet. 

Following these necessary steps will ensure that you only lose the right amount of lashes on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. And as long as you are healthy, that should be more than enough. 

What Happens if You Lose Too Many Eyelashes?

Finally, it’s important to note that if you are losing more than the natural amount of eyelashes and you are following the above tactics to keep your eyelashes healthy, it could be a medical problem. 

Although it is unlikely, if you are really worried about the number of eyelashes you’re losing every day, week, or month, you will have to contact your doctor to find out what the problem is. 

Not only because most of us like the way we look with eyelashes but also because we need them to keep our eyes safe! 

The Bottom Line 

You will likely lose between 2-5 eyelashes every day, 14-25 per week, and up to 100 per month. 

But you also know even more than that! Including why you lose eyelashes, how to prevent eyelash loss, and what to do if you are losing more than the norm. As promised, you are an expert!