When you have a pair of blue light glasses, it is essential to keep them clean. You want to protect your investment. If you are on the computer all the time, you need to keep them clean so that you can utilize them. You can use a few approaches to clean your glasses safely and effectively.

You can clean your blue light glasses with gentle soap and water. Make certain the water is warm and the soap is mild. You can also use a spray-on cleaner and microfiber cloth. Steam can also be employed to clean your blue light glasses by using hot water and a microfiber cloth.

Any of the above three methods will work to clean blue light glasses. Continue reading to find out more about how to clean blue light glasses, and decide which is the best way for you.

How to Clean Blue Light Glasses Easily

Cleaning your blue light glasses will help to prevent scratches and keep them in good condition so that you may benefit from the relief they provide for as long as possible.

Soiled eyeglasses can cause eye strain or headaches because it is more difficult to see through them. You can keep your blue light glasses clean:

To clean your Bluelight glasses, you can use mild soap and water. You can also use special lens cleaning spray or steam. When using any of these, make sure you wipe off your glasses with a gentle microfiber cloth to prevent scratching

Blue light glasses must be kept clean because they can even harbor bacteria if they are not adequately cleaned. Avoid these common mistakes when cleaning your glasses:

  • Do not touch the lens with oily fingers
  • Do not use soiled cloths to wipe the lens
  • Do not use harsh cleaners that scratch the blue light coating
  • Do not neglect to keep glasses in their case or pouch

It is debatable what the right way is to clean your glasses. Only you can decide this. Do not

Soap and Water

When you clean your blue light glasses with soap and water, you need to wash your hands so that no dirt or bacteria gets on the items you use to clean your glasses. Run warm water on your lenses.

Do not use piping hot water, as it can damage the blue light coating. Use dish soap by applying a dab of soap on each lens and use the microfiber cloth in a circular motion.

Take care to clean the entire frame and ensure they are completely dry—store glasses in their case for some time before wearing them again.

Lens Cloth and Cleaning Solution

Eyeglass cleaning solution characteristically comes in the form of a spray and contains a lens cloth and cleaning solution.

Wet the lenses with warm water and dry them off with a microfiber cloth to clean the dirt off them.

Spray the eyeglasses with cleaning solution on each lens, covering it completely. Hold them by the frame and use the microfiber cloth to dry them.


Did you know some people wipe their glasses on their clothes as a way to clean them? It is not a great idea, as it can lead to scratches.

When lenses get foggy, it allows the bacteria to get onto the lenses and can lead to scratches. You should run hot water, let the vapor fog up in them, and use a microfiber cloth to clean off any remaining dirt and grime. 

What Cloth Can I Use to Clean My Glasses?

Microfiber cloths are the best and most effective way to clean your glasses. They will not damage your glasses. However, take care not to use dirty cloths, as they will only exacerbate dirt and grime.

When washing your cloth, use cold water and a few drops of fabric softener-free detergent. Allow the cloth to soak in the water and detergent for a few minutes.

Rub heavy stains, drain the water, and then rinse with clear, clean water. Hang it to dry. If you prefer to wash your cloth in the washing machine, add it to a load with cold water.

No bleach or fabric softener should be used in your detergent or as a separate agent. When it is clean, tumble dry it with your other laundry. It may be ideal to blowdry your microfiber cloth with a hair dryer.  

Keep the setting low, and keep the dryer several inches away from the cloth. When your cloth is dry, please keep it in an area where it will not easily pick up dust and dirt, such as a desk drawer or a sunglasses case.

This process will help decrease how often it will need to be washed. You should aim to clean your microfiber cloth about once a month or more if necessary.


There are a few distinct ways you can clean your blue light glasses. You can use dish soap and water, spray on lens cleaner, or apply steam to your glasses with hot water and a microfiber cloth. It is up to you which process you prefer. Make sure you clean your glasses regularly for better vision and to keep them in good condition.