From hair color to facial features, no two people look exactly alike, and that’s something to marvel at. One of the most interesting physical variations humans can have is eye color. From light blue to the darkest brown, a person could have a whole rainbow of eye colors. But, what does a person’s eye color say about their personality? 

Different eye colors carry associations with certain personality traits. People with blue, brown, or gray eyes are usually perceived as kind, while people with green or hazel eyes are typically considered more creative or expressive.  

Below, we’ll discuss what your eye color might say about your personality. Keep reading to learn more!

What Does My Eye Color Say About My Personality?

For centuries, people have associated different eye colors with specific personality traits. 

Some of these traits are considered generally positive, while others can warn you about potentially difficult personalities.

Below, we will discuss what the following eye colors might say about your personality:

  • Blue
  • Green
  • Brown
  • Hazel
  • Gray

Wondering what people think when they first see your eye color? Keep reading to learn which traits are often associated with each!

What Do Blue Eyes Say About Your Personality?

Only about 8% of the world’s population has blue eyes. Stemming from a genetic mutation thousands of years ago, it is said that every person with blue eyes has a common ancestor. 

People with blue eyes have less pigment in their irises than others, and blue eyes tend to be more sensitive to light. 

In terms of personality, people with blue eyes are seen as kind, outgoing, and intelligent.

What Personality Traits Are Associated with Green Eyes?

Green eyes are the rarest eye color, with only 2% of the world population having this trait. 

Like blue eyes, green eyes result from a genetic mutation from thousands of years ago. 

Green eyes are also low in pigment, but have slightly more than blue eyes. 

A lot of people are proud of their green eyes due to the color’s rarity. According to some people, their green eyes change color depending on the lighting. 

The most common trait associated with green eyes is creativity. People with green eyes are also known to be passionate, shy, mysterious, and eccentric.

What Personality Traits Do Brown-Eyed People Have?

Brown is the most common eye color in the world, making up between 55% and 79% of the world’s population. 

It is believed that every person had brown eyes until approximately ten thousand years ago, when genetic mutations for blue and green eyes appeared.

Brown eyes have the highest amount of pigment, giving them their rich dark color. Brown eyes can come in various shades, from light brown to almost black. 

Brown-eyed people are usually considered to be trustworthy and kind. They are also known to be intelligent and down to earth.

What Do Hazel Eyes Say About Your Personality?

Hazel eyes are caused by an uneven distribution of pigment in the iris. 

Like green eyes, hazel eyes can change color depending on the lighting, appearing in flecks of brown and green. Sometimes, they even have flecks of gold and yellow. 

Hazel eyes are also quite rare, with only 5% of the world’s population having eyes that color. 

People with hazel eyes are known to be expressive, sensitive, and emotional. Some also say that hazel eyes indicate trustworthiness.

What Personality Traits Do People with Gray Eyes Have?

Only 5% of the world’s population have gray eyes, making gray one of the more rare eye colors. 

Gray eyes are most common in people of northern and eastern European ancestry. Like other lighter-colored eyes, gray eyes stem from a lack of pigment in the iris.

People with gray eyes are perceived as gentle, friendly, and approachable. They are also sometimes associated with magic and the supernatural. 

In Conclusion 

Eyes are often one of the first things people notice about someone, and some people associate your eye color with different personality traits. 

Blue eyes are perceived as kind and outgoing, while green eyes are associated with passion and eccentricity. 

Brown eyes are associated with intelligence, and hazel eyes are associated with sensitivity and emotions. 

Gray eyes are associated with gentleness, approachability, and, sometimes, supernatural entities.