Rimless glasses are a fashion trend and are definitely in vogue. There are many benefits to wearing rimless glasses that can benefit any glasses wearer.

Any face shape can look good with rimless glasses. The beauty of rimless glasses is since they lack a defined or chunky frame, they won’t over-accentuate your face.

Many different glasses styles tend to only look good on one face shape. But rimless glasses come in many different styles and lack the frames that can change a person’s face.

Who Looks Good in Rimless Glasses?

One of the main benefits of choosing to sport rimless glasses with your prescription glasses, fashion glasses, or sunglasses is that they complement all face shapes.

Face shapes such as round, triangular, heart-shaped, oval-shaped, diamond-shaped, rectangular, and square-shaped faces all look great in rimless glasses.

There is a reason it is a fashion trend right now. 

The rimless look means they don’t clash with any colors or outfits. One pair of glasses can go with dozens or hundreds of outfits.

Rimless Glasses Pros and Cons

There are many pros and cons to rimless glasses for daily prescription glasses or just when you want to jazz up an outfit with something funky and stylish.

Here are the main Pros and Cons of rimless glasses:

Compliments all face shapesMore fragile than glasses with thicker frames
Large variety of styles and modelsEasier to damage when tightening the screws
Can accommodate any lensesHigher price for high-end models
Wider field of vision
Not as heavy as framed glasses
Minimalist design isn’t super noticeable
Smaller footprint fits in pockets better

Keep reading for more detail into the pros and cons of wearing rimless glasses for either daily prescription or fashion accessories.

Pros of Rimless Glasses

These are some of the pros of rimless glasses in more detail. Whether using them for fashion or prescription.

Face Shapes

All face shapes can find a pair of rimless glasses that will fit their face due to the lack of frame. There are numerous styles.

Face shapes such as round, triangular, heart-shaped, oval-shaped, diamond-shaped, rectangular, and square-shaped can all find a pair that complement their features.

Variety of Models

Due to the lack of frames, the designers of the glasses can be freer with how the glasses are designed and constructed. 

Leading to many different styles and lens types.

Can Use Any Lenses

The lack of frames and styles also allows the use of any lens because the shape and style of the frames don’t constrain the lens maker. 

So, anyone can find rimless glasses with their prescription.

Field of Vision

Rimless also allows the lenses to sit more flush to the face. Allowing a better field of vision. 

Thick frames often block peripheral vision. Rimless glasses don’t have this problem.

Weight of Rimless Glasses

The lack of frames is also a wonder for people who find traditional framed glasses too bulky or heavy. 

You can get rimless glasses that weigh barely anything.

Minimalist Design

The minimalist design of most rimless glasses creates an unobtrusive fashion accessory or daily glasses. 

They can be barely noticeable when wearing them for people who don’t want to look like they are wearing glasses. They can also be very noticeable for those trying to make a statement.

Smaller Footprint

The lighter body and rimless frame also make for a very light pair of glasses. That smaller footprint can mean they are easily held in a pocket and won’t weigh you down.

Cons of Rimless Glasses

These are some of the cons of rimless glasses in more detail.

More Fragile

The lighter body and rimless frame also come at a cost, structural integrity. 

You will likely need to be more delicate with rimless glasses. Without the frame, they are much more fragile.

Harder to Maintain

The other problem with the fragility of rimless glasses is that they can be harder to maintain. It is easy to break your lenses when tightening the screws on your glasses.

Higher Prices

While you can find some affordable rimless glasses, the more detailed and high-end you go, the price tends to skyrocket. 

The rimless design and detail make the designer models expensive.

Celebrities that Wear Rimless Glasses

Many popular celebrities have been seen wearing rimless glasses as fashion accessories in the past year. 

Many different ages and celebrities, from musicians to actors, sport rimless glasses.

Celebrities such as these fashion icons wear rimless glasses to make a statement:

Lil Nas XKate Beckinsale
Bella HadidHillary Swank
Adam SandlerShah Rukh Khan
Patrick DempseyDiane Keaton
Zayn MalikKit Harrington

These are just a few of the most popular celebrities from around the world that will often incorporate fashion rimless glasses into their daily wardrobe.

Popular Rimless Glasses

Rimless glasses aren’t only for those that need glasses for near or far-sightedness. There are many popular brands and models for people who want rimless glasses for fashion.

These are the most popular models on Amazon:

3 Pairs Rimless Rectangle Sunglasses$
Rectangle Sunglasses for Men/Women$$
SOJOS Retro Aviator Sunglasses$$
Blue Light Blocking Glasses Unisex$$
Kate Spade New York Women’s Janay Rimless Sunglasses$$$
Ray-Ban RB3449 Sunglasses$$$$
Gucci GG 03990 002 Light Gold Metal Rimless Eyeglasses$$$$

These are just some of the most popular models of rimless fashion glasses sold on Amazon.


Rimless glasses can be found at a discount rate, but sometimes even the rimless ones that lack frames like their chunkier cousins can still cost a pretty penny.