As technology has become a more integral part of our lives, its convenience has been shown to take a toll on our bodies – from more common concerns like eye strain to more complicated ones like impacts on our sleep cycle. Since technology isn’t going away any time soon – how do we address these concerns?

Blue light blocking glasses can be a great option to help minimize the effects of blue light on our wake-sleep cycles, otherwise known as our natural circadian rhythm. Often, blue light blocking technology can be integrated into your prescription glasses, however, if it isn’t, we’ve compiled  the 11 best options to provide you the same protection with style.

Spectra 479 Day and Night Clip-on

If you’re looking for quality and value, the Spectra 479 day and night clip-on lens two pack may be the best option for you. The day lens blocks nearly 45% of blue light, while the amber night lens blocks 99.9% of blue light and 80% of green – maximizing your eye protection.

The stylish and minimalist design paired with lightweight materials give them a leg up on the competition.  Customers have boasted the quality of this clip-on option and excitement that the clip-on mechanism doesn’t impede your vision, a common problem with clip-on options.

Ocushield Anti Blue Light Glasses for Men & Women

The Ocushield Clear Clip-on glasses are optometrist developed and registered with the FDA as blocking 99% of 300-400 nm (nanometer) and 54% of 400-470nm blue light.  The plastic, lightweight lenses are durable and comfortable.

Ocushield boasts a unisex shape and a style that works with faces of all shapes and sizes, making these an excellent option for men and women alike. 

Prospek Clip On Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Lightweight and frameless, the Prospek Clip On Blue Light Blocking Glasses are a customer favorite that fit most frame styles.  The pinch clip system allows for a one-handed application and nearly clear, non-polarized lenses provide for a great view.

Prospek boasts the glasses protect from 50% of blue light – which may seem low, however that is for all blue light ranges in the spectrum, so they protect from the harmful ranges. Prospek achieves this balance with a low amber tint thanks to their patented technology. 

These lenses are also resistant to scratches, reflectivity, glare, fog, screen flicker, and oil – meaning they’re ready for any situation.

SunDown Clip-on Blue Blocking Glasses

Designed specifically for evening use, the SunDown Clip-on Blue Blocking glasses feature an amber lens, specially developed in an optical lab. The scientifically designed amber lenses block 100% of blue light 400-500nm.  

One benefit to this style is a lighter amber hue gives better night time color perception.  The quality and blue-light blocking effectiveness have earned them a five star rating from customers.

Gunnar Clip On

The sleek Gunnar Clip On lenses are made of engineering grade injection polymers, making them a durable, effective option. The panoramic lenses maximize viewing range, while the frame clips are spring-tensioned and have rubber grips to protect your existing lenses.

Gunnar established a rating system, the GBLF (Gunnar Blue Light Filter) to identify the level of protection for its lenses, which they liken to the SPF rating system of sunblock.  With four different shade options from Clear to Amber Max, there’s a fit for everyone.

Dr S Eyewear Blue Light Blocking Clip Ons

With the capability for clip on and flip up – the Dr S Eyewear Clip Ons are a great multi-function choice for those who frequently work both on and off screen.  Blocking up to 99% of blue light, these lenses are made from a C-39 material to provide improved visual optics.

Accompanied by both anti-glare and anti-reflective coatings, much like the standard blue light glasses from Dr S Eyewear, these lenses are designed for comfort while reducing eye strain and the impacts of blue light on the body.

Eyeguard Blue Light Filter Clip On

The clip on and flip up lenses by Eyeguard are designed to filter out blue light with style.  The unisex design is rimless, allowing for maximum viewing at all angles.  The anti-glare and anti-scratch coating provide a durable add-on option for your glasses.

Designed for gamers and computer users, customers find the flip up option convenient when moving between screen and non-screen activities.

Cyxus Clip on Blue Light Glasses Yellow Lens

A more cost effective, and still protective, option can be found in Cyxus’ Clip on Blue Light Glasses.  The thick black frame has a fun vibe that would work great with sleeker existing glasses and fit both metal and plastic frames.

These lenses are a triple threat, providing blue light, UV (UVA, UVB, and UVC), and are polarized for maximum protection in any environment. 

Sleep ZM Amber Yellow Clip-on

If you’re looking to maximize the spectrum of blue light blocked, the Sleep ZM Amber Yellow Clip-on from Amazon, might be a great option for you.  Founder, Jeff Smith, designed this pair specifically to help customers achieve better sleep at night.

The extreme amber yellow tint blocks more than 85% of the blue light waves while decreasing high contrast that can lead to eye strain. ZM also has two variations that block up to 99.9% of blue light waves through amber tinted glasses, in the same easy-to-use style.

The convenient pinch and clip-on mechanism itself is easy to use and requires just one hand to attach to your existing glasses. Even more, the clip-on mechanism has a rubber coating on the parts that touch your glasses, minimizing potential for scratching the lenses.

GameKing Blue Light Blocking Clip-On Computer Glasses

Designed for heavy computer users, read: gamers, the GameKing Blue Light Blockers, have earned a four star Amazon rating. The classic clip-on mechanism allows for the lenses to flip up, while still connected to your existing glasses, making it a convenient switch for multitaskers.

The FDA registered lenses are specifically designed to balance the transmittance of beneficial blue light and blockage of harmful blue light to maximize the viewing experience, thanks to GAMEKINGs 5 in 1 coating technology.  

The durable, amber-tinted lenses are made from polycarbonate and have a lifetime breakage warranty. The silicone feet on the clips protect lenses and prevent sliding, but buyers should note that these aren’t meant for all frames and are best suited for rectangle options.

FONHCOO Clip-On Blue Light Glasses

If something more minimalist and transparent is your style, the FONHCOO Clip-on glasses are a great option. If sustainability is of significant importance to you, the manufacturer of these clip-on lenses are made of eco-friendly materials.

The clear lenses blend seamlessly with your existing glasses, minimizing visual bulk while still blocking more than 99% of blue light and provide the most true-color transmittance. The Polycarbonate lenses are lightweight,shatterproof and universally fit all glasses.

 The rubber tips on the pinch-clip mechanism have a rubber grip and are both anti-slip and anti-scratch, protecting your glasses.

K KENZHOU Clip on Computer Reading Glasses

For eyeglass wearers with a more traditional round frame, the K KENZHOU Clip On is a great option.  These rimless lenses are lightweight and unpolarized – intended to pass as much light as possible while protecting from blue light, minimizing visual color changes.

FDA registered for impact resistance, the lenses have also passed the Blue Ray proof test for protecting from harmful blue light.  These clip-on lenses also provide the ability to flip them up without unclipping for convenience aiding in the 4.1 star rating from customers on Amazon.


We hope one of these 12 pairs of clip-on blue light glasses have what you are looking for so you can prevent eye strain when working with technology.