Your optometrist has informed you that you need glasses. However, after wearing them for a few days, you notice that your nose looks different. Does this mean something? Will your glasses change your nose shape?

Wearing glasses will not change the shape of your nose on its own. But it can make it appear wider or narrower depending on how you wear them! The type of frames you wear can also alter the width of your nose. 

This blog post discusses several factors to consider when trying to figure out if wearing glasses will change the way your nose looks, including what type of frames you should choose. So let’s jump right in, shall we?

Do Glasses Change the Shape of Your Nose?

Wearing glasses for the first time can be an exciting experience. However, if you’re new to glasses, it’s essential that you consider how wearing them will affect your appearance. For example, will they really change the shape of your nose? 

The short answer is no, but because there are many different types of frames available and various options in terms of lens thicknesses, wearing glasses can change the width or height of your nose and make it appear slightly different. 

For instance, if you wear a pair of glasses that are heavy on the top and wide at the bridge – there’s no denying it, they’re going to change your nose shape for sure! This is because there will be more weight distributed across the bridge area of your nose, which could cause more sagging in this region over time. 

On the other hand, wearing glasses with a wide frame will make your nose appear wider than it is naturally. Conversely, a narrow frame can have the opposite effect and give you narrower looking nostrils!

Some people who wear glasses experience changes in their nose shape due to the frame pressing against it with consistent pressure and friction. The best way to avoid these changes is by looking for frames that provide good peripheral vision while still maintaining your natural nose shape.

Source: RX Safety

How to Pick the Right Glasses for Your Face Shape

The trick to maintaining your natural nose shape when wearing glasses is to find frames that offer good peripheral vision and avoid contact points between the frame and your nose. It’s also crucial to choose a frame that suits your overall face shape. 

Square Face Shape – Thin, Round Frames or Cat-Eye Frames

Thin, round frames are the best for square face shapes. The frames balance out the sharp jawline with less weight on top and provide a softer look around the edges of the face.

Frames with a dramatic cat-eye are also an excellent option for someone who has a square face. This shape, which includes thick or thin lines at the top of the lens and then angles inward to go over your cheekbones, will make your jaw look more angular than it actually is, which can be helpful if you have a strong jawline.

Slim Face Shape – Round Frames 

Round or oval-shaped glasses are best for someone who has a slim profile. This type of frame is more likely to accentuate your features by drawing attention to your eyes and cheekbones.

Round Face Shape – Clear or Square Frames 

If you have a round face, clear frames are your best bet. They help soften the angles of a round face, accentuating your jawline and adding structure to balance out the features on top with those below. Square frames also help soften the angles of a round face, accentuating your jawline and adding structure to balance out the features on top with those below.

Oval Face Shape – Thin, Rounded Frames 

Thin, rounded are best for an oval profile because they draw attention to the eyes and cheekbones. Not to mention, they’re perfect for softening the chin area.

Heart Face Shape – Cat-Eye Frames

Cat-eye frames are also an excellent option for someone who has a heart-shaped face. The key is to find frames with an upward tilt, so you can add more height and depth to the forehead area while minimizing width in the chin region.

Source: Allure

Wrapping Up

If you were wondering if glasses change the shape of your nose, now you know that they don’t. However, they do affect the shape of your face, depending on what type of frame you have. Choosing a frame that suits your face shape will help you maintain a more attractive and flattering appearance.