How long does 1-800 Contacts take to ship? Does 1-800 Contacts have different shipping options? If you’re considering using 1-800 Contacts, everything you need to know about their shipping is right here! 

Here are the most important facts about 1-800 Contacts shipping:

  • 1-800 Contacts takes between 1-7 days to ship to your home. 
  • You can choose your shipping option on 1-800 Contacts. 
  • A tracking number is always provided. 
  • You can return contacts at any time.  
  • 1-800 Contacts ships internationally. 

But that’s not all you need to know, so keep reading for absolutely all the details of 1-800 Contacts shipping.

How Long Does 1-800 Contacts Take to Ship?

Exactly how long it takes 1-800 Contacts to prepare your contact order after you place it depends on whether or not you have a valid prescription on file. 

If you do, your order will most likely be organized and ready for shipment from the warehouse that very same day

However, if you order contacts with a new prescription, they must first confirm the prescription with your eye doctor.

But the good news is that confirmation only usually takes 24 hours, so your contacts will be ready to ship the next day

If you don’t have a prescription, you can also get your eye exams through 1-800 Contacts to speed up the process.

Does 1-800 Contacts Have Different Shipping Options?

Now, determining how long it will take for the contacts to get from the warehouse to your home depends entirely on the shipping option you opt for during the ordering process. 

When you checkout, you will have three options to choose from: 

  1. 5-7 Business Days
  2. 2-3 Business Days
  3. 1 Business Day

Once again, if you select one day and your prescription has already been confirmed, you might get your contacts that same day! But if it hasn’t been checked, they will likely take 2-3 business days to arrive. 

Does 1-800 Contacts Provide a Tracking Number?

1-800 Contacts always provides contacts order tracking via a tracking number. 

You can find the tracking number on the confirmation page or in the email you received immediately after placing your order. 

Then, you can use the tracking number on the 1-800 Contacts website to find out where your prescription contacts are in their journey. 

How Does Return Shipping Work for 1-800 Contacts?

You will be glad that 1-800 Contacts also offers free returns and exchanges. You don’t even need a subscription service to use this resource. 

No matter which contact lens brand you opt for, 1-800 Contacts provides free returns, and the craziest part is that there are literally no requirements they need to meet. 

The contacts can be opened, several years old, and some of the order can even be missing

Whether you opened the contacts, used some and didn’t like them, they were damaged or torn, or you simply changed your mind, you can absolutely return them for your money back. 

The return process is also quite simple, just initiate the return on the website and send the box back to the address provided by 1-800 Contacts. You’ll even get free shipping on all returns! 

The Gajillion Percent Promise

This fantastic service is offered within the company’s Gajillion Percent Promise, which they claim is far better than other brands’ lackluster 100% promise. 

But that’s not all the service provides; it also offers Price Guarantee, which means 1-800 Contacts price matches and will meet any other company’s price tag so you can get the best possible deal. 

And whether you need an exchange, return, or price match, the customer service team is always available to help. 

Does 1-800 Contacts Ship Internationally?

1-800 Contacts ships internationally to almost every country except Mexico and Spain. 

So whether you are an ex-pat living outside the United States, are a resident of another country but simply want to enjoy the service, or will temporarily be abroad for school, work, or even extended vacation, you can get your contacts when you need them.

That being said, there are a few caveats that you should be aware of:

  • You may have to pay an import tax when the contacts arrive, and 1-800 Contacts cannot anticipate how much it will be.
  • The delivery may be delayed, for which 1-800 Contacts is not responsible. 
  • Not all brands can be shipped to every country
  • Some countries limit how many contacts you can buy at one time. 

Does it Cost More to Ship Internationally?

Technically, 1-800 Contacts does not charge extra for international shipping. However, you will likely have to pay an import tax for the contacts, which varies depending on your country. 

So while shipping internationally usually costs more, unfortunately, you won’t know how much until after you’ve ordered and received the contacts. 

How Long Do International Orders Take?

While 1-800 Contacts usually provides shipping times of as little as 1-7 business days, receiving an international order will certainly take longer. 

Exactly how long that will be is hard to say. But 1-800 Contacts is very clear that you should expect shipping delays if you place an international order. 

Do International Orders Have Tracking Numbers?

You will receive a tracking number when you first place your international order with 1-800 Contacts.

However, when the package crosses international borders, it is often transferred to a different delivery service, and the tracking number might change

Unfortunately, international services don’t always send an updated tracking number. But if they did, you would find it in your email or your phone’s text messages. 

Can You Return Contacts Internationally?

You can return contacts internationally with 1-800 Contacts. In fact, the same offerings that they offer for domestic shipments also apply to international orders! 

That means free shipping on returns, but you must pay first and be reimbursed after the package arrives safely at a 1-800 Contacts warehouse. 

Can you get Your Contacts Prescription from a Non-U.S Based Doctor?

1-800 Contacts does offer contacts for those with prescriptions from a non-U.S.-based doctor. 

But because the website only offers US addresses, you must call in to place your order at 1-800-266-8228. 

It’s important to note that the prescription, while it doesn’t have to be from the United States, does need the following information: 

  • Patient name 
  • Brand of contact lens 
  • Power 
  • Base Curve 

Also, you should know that any international prescription is valid for two years from the original date. 

Always Glasses is Here to Help

As promised, you now know everything there is to know about 1-800 Contacts’ shipping policies, timelines, and prices. 

From Acuve to Biotrue, Bausch & Lomb, Dailies, and many more, 1-800 Contacts provides the most popular brands. 
And don’t forget; you can order your contacts through 1-800 Contacts right here with Always Glasses.