Warby Parker is a wonderful online retailer for eyeglasses, contact lenses, and sunglasses. They offer a popular service where you can try on frames at home, and they also have outlets to give eye exams in many different states, but can you purchase non-prescription glasses with Warby Parker frames?

All styles of Warby Parker glasses are available as non-prescription glasses; however, if you do need a prescription, it only requires a low-cost exam or for you to have a prescription already. The non-prescription glasses are at no additional cost and can add on some modifications to your lenses.

The frames from Warby Parker are stylish and affordable. Many insurances accept Warby Parker, but not for non-prescription glasses. Getting glasses from Warby Parker is simple and fast. Even if you aren’t sure if you need a prescription lens, Warby Parker has options to help you find out if you need corrective lenses.

How to Select Non-Prescription Glasses From Warby Parker

Buying glasses from home has never been easier because of Warby Parker. No more going to the store and trying on frames that who knows how many people have touched and tried on. When using Warby Parker, you’ll go through the same method that someone buying prescription glasses would if you’re looking for non-prescription glasses.

With Warby Parker, you can fill out a simple survey to tell you which frames are right for you. If you don’t want to take the survey, you can search through their catalog of hundreds of trendy frames. Once you’ve narrowed it down, you can have the frames mailed to you to try them on to see which ones you like.

Shipping is free for the frames to come to your house and for you to send them back. You can hold onto the frames for up to five days. Once you’ve found a frame that you like for your face, you can order them online. Warby Parker also has a wonderful selection of sunglasses for you to look through as well if you want to try them out.

How to Buy Non-Prescription Glasses

When you’ve finally found the perfect pair (or pairs) of glasses, you can change many different aspects of the frames. You can change the color and frame width. After this selection, you’ll be asked what type of lens you want. Here you would select “non-prescription”. Once you have non-prescription selected, there are other options for you to select from as well.

For all glasses, including non-prescription glasses, there are different qualities you can add to the lenses, including:

  • Classic: Free for all lenses. They are scratch-resistant and block 100% of UV rays. They also are anti-reflective.
  • Blue-Light Filtering: Recently has become more popular with more people sitting in front of screens. Blue-light filtering glasses reduce the fatigue your eyes will feel after sitting in front of a screen all day. They also include everything the classic lenses have.
  • Light-Responsive: These lenses include the classic lenses with the addition of turning darker when exposed to UV rays (with a choice of colors). Additionally, they will also filter blue light

Each of the additions to the lenses has a small price in addition to the frames except the classic lenses. Once you’ve chosen your lens qualities, you can select the lens material and check out. You won’t have to select whether you want classic, blue-light filtering, and light-responsive lenses if you choose sunglasses. You can get non-prescription glasses without the selections. 

Prices of Warby Parker Glasses

Warby Parker is known for being affordable, and when their frames and lenses start at just $95, you can’t beat that. Not only are their glasses affordable, but you can also pay for them over four payments without any interest.

How to Know if you Need a Prescription

The best way to know if you need a prescription to correct your vision is to get your eyes examined by an optometrist. You can do this privately, or Warby Parker also offers eye examinations. All you have to do is book an appointment online if you live close to a Warby Parker outlet. 

Warby Parker also works with insurance companies, so even if you think you won’t need a prescription lens, getting your eyes examined should be covered under your vision insurance. If it isn’t covered under your insurance, their eye exams are affordable in comparison to other centers.

After having your eyes examined, your optometrist will let you know if you need corrective vision lenses. If you do, in fact, need vision correcting lenses, you will input the information for your prescription when you place an order for your lenses.


Purchasing Warby Parker glasses is extremely affordable. Their frames and lenses start at a low cost, and any additions you may want for your lenses are either free or low-cost, even if you choose to get non-prescription lenses.