If you have a couple of pairs of glasses sitting around your home and collecting dust, then you should think about giving them away. There are tons of people worldwide who could use your glasses, and many places are willing to take them. 

More than 1 billion in the world need eyeglasses but don’t have access or money for them. Something as small as dropping off your glasses to a local Goodwill could end up changing someone’s life. 

Places to Drop Off Glasses

Giving away your glasses is a fairly simple and easy process, and it’ll probably clear up some extra space in your drawer. Make sure they’re in good condition and pick a place to donate them to. 

Here are seven stores or organizations that will be willing to take your glasses:


Your local Goodwill could take your old glasses. Just check on their site to find a donation center and then see if they accept glasses. Goodwill connects with other non-profits to pair glasses with low-income people with used glasses if they need them.

Salvation Army

Salvation Army will also welcome your used glasses. Unlike Goodwill, they don’t have a partner program with a non-profit, but they can resell your used glasses at an affordable price. They even take sunglasses too!

Lions Club

The Lions Club has a partnership with a few nonprofits organizations and some companies. Their organization also has a huge network of collection boxes and eyeglass recycling centers across the country. You can send in our drop your glasses off, where they’ll get processed and deployed for shipment on optical missions the organizations routinely carry out.

Walmart or Sam’s Club

The vision centers inside Walmart and Sam’s Club partner with the Lions Club and collects eyewear. Look out for a blue and white Lions Club donation box or ask a local Walmart or Sam’s employee how to donate your eyewear.

Local Optometrist 

Check with your local optometrist to see if they take your glasses. Many local eye doctors have partnerships with non-profits or other global organizations that participate in collecting old eyeglasses.


Since 1988, Lenscrafters and One Sight have collaborated on a program that has provided over 10 million people with glasses with the help of donations. One Sight is a non-profit that works with communities across the world to get free glasses. So far, over 37 million people have benefited from the organization. 

You can donate glasses or money to their program, and each donation will go toward a free eye exam and prescription glasses for those in need.


If you don’t feel like traveling to a store or an eye doctor’s office, then you can simply drop them in your mailbox. There are a few websites online that take donations via mailbox, such as New Eyes. This organization takes prescription eyeglasses, reading glasses, and sunglasses for worldwide distribution through different organizations. 

ReSpectable also takes glasses donations through the mail and then handed down to organizations and communities across the country. Those organizations would be happy to accept your glasses.

How To Drop Off Your Glasses

Make sure your glasses are gently used and are in good-to-excellent condition. So that means no broken frames or lens. If you have your old lens case make sure to bring that to the donation location. 

If you plan on mailing your glasses to an online donation website, then purchase some bubble wrap and a small envelope for your glasses to fit in. And before you turn your glasses in, be sure to wipe them down thoroughly to clean them up.

Your Donation Can Make A Difference 

Giving away your glasses only costs you time, and you can easily change someone’s life. With so many people across the world without eyeglasses, it wouldn’t hurt to give your glasses away, especially if you’ve switched to contacts recently. 

Just think, your glasses donation could help a senior read an important letter in the mail or help a child read their homework assignment. You could give eyesight to someone else.