Eyewear has made its own waves within the fashion industry, coming out with new and hip designs regularly. From clear frames to an older style look, eyewear can make bold statements. But what happens if you like a particular style and they are labeled as “men’s” or “women’s” designs? When it comes to eyeglasses, you might be wondering what differentiates glasses for men and those for women. 

Nowadays as long as there isn’t a prescription and they are for style, then yes, most glasses frames can be labeled as unisex, meaning they can be worn by both men and women. Many of the modern day frames are made with very similar qualities across the board, with the size of the frame being the biggest differentiating factor. 

There could be some changes in actual style, which may appeal more towards males or females, but majority of eyewear can be worn by either sex. This is convenient because now men and women can enjoy a particular style of eyewear without having to worry about whether they are wearing the appropriate frames or not. 

Why Are Eyeglasses Gendered?

Sometimes we can’t help but enjoy a style that might be labeled for someone other than ourselves. Those sunglasses or shirt might look stylish to you, yet “made” for the opposite sex. The same can be said for accessories such as eyeglasses. Fortunately, most glasses are now made in unisex styles, but you still might wonder why they were and why some still are made to be gender specific.

Face Size

One of the biggest factors for making different glasses for men and women is due to face size and shape. Men tend to have a wider face structure where their eyes and ears are further apart than a woman’s. The size of the different frames were built with specs to fit the average face of a man and woman. Some frames would look enormous on a smaller face and vice versa, however, everyone has their preference.

Frame Color

When it comes to the color of frames, they were originally made based on the stereotypical colors enjoyed by men and women respectively. For example, a guy might choose colors that are darker and not lean as much towards a bright pink or light blue. Nowadays, it seems that majority of frames are fitted as unisex and are also made in more neutral colors. That way, whether you are attracted to the frame, the color, or both, you are able to find something that could be worn by a male or female.

It seems most people have leaned towards neutral or darker colors, which helps with the glasses’ unisexuality. However, clear frames have also made a big splash on the design of eyeglasses, aiding in the challenge of men and women trying to wear similar frames. 

You’ll most likely be able to find what you’re looking for from color to design, so you can rest assured that you’re going to look good walking down the street. 

Prescription Glasses

Now, if the glasses are going to have a prescription placed in them, then a woman would not be able to wear the same glasses as a man. The exact same can be said for a man trying to wear a woman’s pair of eyeglasses. They might be able to get the same style in terms of frames and sizing and things, but obviously a prescription lens is going to be 100% specific to the person who wears them. 

Just because they might look the same does not mean they will perform the same for both the man and woman trying to wear the exact same pair. Someone might have a rough time reading the paper if they tried that kind of switch!

Final Thoughts

When looking to see if women and men could wear eyeglasses interchangeably, there are a couple factors that must be considered. Are these glasses strictly for style or are they going to serve multiple functions? Eyeglasses have been increasingly improved so that they can be worn by either sex, which helps everyone have a better chance at getting the exact style they want.

As mentioned above, prescription glasses will be treated differently because they would not be able to be interchangeable between men and women when a certain lense is attached to it. Unless the two also have the exact same vision, they would have to wear different glasses. All in all, women can wear men’s eyeglasses and vice versa, with the exception of prescription glasses. So go out and wear what you really want to wear and don’t let anybody stop you!