Gucci glasses are extremely popular, and Gucci’s eyewear products have been a part of many different style-icons’ looks. Gucci has long been known for its high-quality products, but do Gucci glasses have screws? 

Gucci glasses do not have screws. Part of Gucci’s fashion is sleek and sophisticated. Screws on glasses would get in the way of the brand’s sleek design ideals. Gucci does make some frames that have hardware features that may be similar to screws, but they favor design over anything else.

In this post, we will cover which types of Gucci glasses have screws and what it means if your Gucci glasses do have screws. Keep reading to learn all about your Gucci glasses!

What Gucci Glasses Have Screws?

Gucci glasses do not have screws. Gucci is known for its high-end fashion and design. If Gucci designed eyeglasses with screws, they would get in the way of Gucci’s sleek designs. As a way to remedy their luxury style with practicality, Gucci has designed glasses that do not have visible, external screws. 

Part of Gucci’s appeal is that its products are always stylish and luxurious. Since these are designer sunglasses, you should never see screws on the hinges of your glasses. 

Additionally, you should never see screws holding the nose pads of the Gucci glasses in place. This, too, is a red flag: if you see screws on the nose pads of the glasses. 

The following table details which types of Gucci glasses contain screws:

Type of GlassesAre Screws Present?
Gucci women’s sunglassesNo
Gucci women’s glassesNo
Gucci men’s sunglassesNo
Gucci men’s glassesNo
Gucci genderfluid sunglassesNo
Gucci genderfluid glassesNo

As you may see from the table, none of the glasses that Gucci produces contains visible screws. Gucci is also well-known for its attention to detail, so it would make sense that they would be manufacturing glasses without any visible hardware. 

But it is well worth the price you pay for Gucci glasses. This is because eyeglasses with internal screws are said to be more durable than those with external screws. And you have the added benefit of supporting a beautiful brand. 

But Could It Be A Stylistic Choice?

Most of the time, you will never see any type of hardware on Gucci glasses. This is a stylistic choice by Gucci designers. And oftentimes, you will see metal frames and hinges or high-quality plastics and polymers. You will never see Gucci glasses with screws that are visible. 

One thing that you may see on Gucci glasses is metal rivets. Similar to the square-framed sunglasses from Gucci, these frames have metal rivets at the temple of the glasses, and it is listed in the product description. 

What If My Gucci Glasses Have Screws?

If you are looking over your Gucci glasses and you find that there are screws at the hinges, then your Gucci glasses are most likely fake. There are a few different things to look for when determining if your Gucci glasses are fake, in addition to screws being present.

Having screws in the hinges of Gucci glasses is a tell-tale sign that the glasses are fake. A few other things may look different if your Gucci glasses are fake:

  • Look for the logo – The Gucci logo does not appear on fake Gucci glasses. Many times you will see “Gucci” written or etched in places on the glasses, but their signature logo will be absent. 
  • Look at the detailing – Gucci is well-known for its attention to detail. Each pair of glasses is crafted with high-quality materials. You will not be able to scrape away the etched designs.
  • Examine the accessories – Gucci glasses often come with a case and lens cloth. Review these accessories for proper spelling, examine their quality and coloration. 

So if you find screws in the hinges of your Gucci sunglasses, it means that they are most likely fake Gucci glasses. And if you find any of the other signs listed above, you have double confirmed that, unfortunately, your glasses are fake.

In Summary: Gucci Glasses Do Not Have Screws

When you buy Gucci, you are buying a luxury product. And part of that price you pay is for the craftsmanship. Gucci glasses of all types do not have screws. You will never see screws on the hinges or used for the nose pads. 

This simple trait makes identifying fake Gucci glasses very easy. And by now, you have a few other things you can inspect to verify if your Gucci glasses are real or fake.