Gucci is one of the largest high fashion retailers in the world. However, with the high demand for this brand comes fake, knock-off, and replica Gucci products. Finding a set serial number on Gucci products is the easiest way to know your product is the real deal. 

Unlike many verified Gucci fashion products, Gucci glasses do not have a unique serial number. Instead, you will find an inscription on the inside of the arm detailing a model number, color code, and measurements. 

Continue reading to learn where to find this unique number in detail to quickly determine if your Gucci glasses are authentic.  

Where Is the Serial Number on Gucci Glasses?

Unlike most Gucci fashion products, Gucci glasses do not have a set unique “serial number.” Instead, there is a model number which is then followed by the color and size codes. This means that this number could repeat as people purchase identical models. 

The serial number on a pair of Gucci glasses will typically be found on the left arm, while the right arm displays where the frames were manufactured. 

What Does the Serial Number on Gucci Glasses Look Like? 

The serial number on Gucci glasses can vary in appearance, but there are a few key inscriptions to look for: 

  • A “GG” found on the left arm of the frames
  • A model number (e.g., 3160/S)
  • An additional string of digits indicating color (e.g., 08644)
  • Numbers indicating the size (e.g., 60•15 125\)

(Source: B + C Guides)

After the standard GG, indicating Guccio Gucci as the designer, you will find four numbers followed by an S. The numbers will dictate the glasses’ color, style, and size, so the exact numbers you’ll see will vary. 

For instance, these Gucci frames would display 491408; whereas this set would have six numbers after the model code, ones like the example above might show only five digits. However, the size code should always be four digits with a square in the middle, followed by a three-digit number.

After the model number is added to the other codes, you will end up with a code about 10-18 digits long. If you have purchased your Gucci glasses from a verified seller, you can look to your certificate of authenticity or care label to see if the string of numbers matches. 

Can You Look Up a Gucci Serial Number?

On all Gucci glasses, you will find two capital GGs which represent the company logo. As you can see, the numbers are inscribed after this trademark with spaces in between. With a simple search on specialty apps, you should be able to find the model of frames based on these codes. 

What If My Gucci Glasses Don’t Have a Serial Number?

For older glasses made before the early 2000s, you may run into an issue of glasses lacking any type of code due to general ware of differences in manufacturing. If this is the case, several other factors can verify the authenticity of your glasses. 

  • Check the packaging – if you have Gucci glasses in the original packaging, you will notice that the case should be made of velvet with a silky case to match. There will be no Gucci logo on the case except for on the interior.
  • Accessories – the silk bag will be provided as a way to store your glasses. This bag should have the Gucci logo across the front and match the color of the velvet hard case. You should also find a Gucci cleaning cloth that is ivory in color.
  • Certificate – if buying second-hand, you may not have the certificate of authenticity, but if you are buying from a retailer, your Gucci glasses will come with a small card that verifies the validity of the designer. 
  • Logos and symbols – on genuine Gucci glasses, you will find the standard double G stamped in the corner of the frames. The nose piece will only have a Gucci logo engraved under the plastic, and you might find a stamped bee on the earpiece.
  • Weight – most off-brands, replicas, and counterfeits use a lower quality material than authentic Gucci frames; therefore, they will be much lighter in weight. Though Gucci glasses are not exactly heavy, they will have a solid weight.
  • Manufacture – before the late 90s, Gucci was exclusively made in Italy. However, newer Gucci glasses may display Japan. Real Gucci glasses will display “made in” followed by Italy or Japan, depending on the style


Owning a piece of Gucci can feel like owning a piece of fashion history. Long after the style has gone out of fashion, Gucci frames will remain timeless. After finding the model number and checking a few quick details, you can be sure that your Gucci glasses are truly a part of this historical fashion icon.