Ray Bans are one of the most well-known brands for glasses, and they’re known for their high luxury and quality. Their glasses are definitely worth the hype, but when it comes to a valuable product, especially at the quality of Ray Bans, you also want to make sure that you maintain and take care of them.

One of the most important things with glasses is to have an appropriate way to store and protect them while you’re not wearing them. What adds to the Ray Ban brand is the fact that their glasses come with a case so you don’t have to worry about getting one yourself.

Not only is it very convenient, but it will almost certainly help with protecting your glasses. Ray Bans are very high quality, but that doesn’t mean they won’t break if you misuse or misplace them. You should definitely get a case along with your Ray Bans, and we’ll further discuss that in the rest of this article.

Cases With Ray Bans

So as we just said, Ray Bans will come with a case, and they have a standard one that comes with most models. But, in some cases, they offer different types of cases depending on the glasses that you’ve ordered. The variety is not that expensive, but it’s still worth noting that you could possibly have a different type than the standard.

There are three main types of Ray Ban Eyeglasses cases:

  • The standard case
  • The hard case
  • The square leather case

Let’s get into each of these below.

Standard Case

The standard case is the generic Ray Ban case that you often see associated with the eyeglasses themselves. They’re made out of leather, and most of the time they will either be brown or black. In some cases where the glasses have a different style than normal, the case that comes with them will also reflect that where they have a different color scheme or pattern.

Hard Case

If you have Ray Ban optical frames, then you’ll most likely receive the hard case that resembles more of a traditional eyeglasses case. Now don’t get confused, these are still very high quality, and some of them are even labeled with Titanium. It’s just that this model is a lot more reserved than the other ones, which makes sense since they are meant to hold eyeglasses.

Square Case

The last type of case is the square leather case, which comes with folding models. Most people will probably see this case rarely when compared to the other types of cases since they’re only meant for a certain type of Ray Ban. They’re similar to the generic cases in the fact that they’re made out of leather, and they usually come in black or brown. 

Some examples of folding Ray Bans are the Aviators and Wayfarers.

If You Don’t Have A Case

In the situation where you don’t have a case for your Ray Bans for some reason, there are plenty of options to choose from. The most direct and simplest way to get a case is to purchase the corresponding one for your eyeglasses model from the official Ray Ban site. It will probably be more expensive than other retailers, but it will be guaranteed that the case will work with and fit your eyeglasses, as long as you chose the right one.

You can also consider getting Ray Ban cases from other third-party and online retailers, or you can drop the brand and just look for any type of eyeglasses case that will work for you. It will probably cost less money, but you have to be extra careful that the case will work. 

Also, if you care about getting authentic Ray Ban cases from a different seller, you have to put in a lot of extra effort to verify that they are legitimate.

It’s much easier to just get them from Ray Ban directly, and if you’re buying a new set of eyeglasses, then you don’t even have to worry about this because Ray Bans do come with a case. For some people that want it, they even have eyeglasses cleaning kits to help protect and maintain your glasses.


It’s very satisfying to know that once you purchase a high quality set of eyeglasses, the company will also take the extra step to provide you with a case to further protect your eyeglasses. Even in the unfortunate situation that you lose or damage your case, there are plenty of options to get a replacement.