A pair of legitimate, high-quality Ray-Bans can cost as low as $75 and reach prices up to $500. This is undoubtedly much more than the average pair of $15-$25 sunglasses most people buy from their local Walmart or Target. Considering their significant price tag, it isn’t unreasonable for Ray-Ban owners to inquire whether their snazzy sunglasses come with a warranty to guarantee some degree of security or protection. 

Ray-Ban is owned by Luxottica Group, which offers a limited warranty protecting its products for a 24- month period after the date of purchase. If there is a defect in your Ray-Bans, you may file a claim with Luxottica Group, including proof of purchase and detailing the product’s conditions. Not all common Ray-Ban issues are covered under this warranty.

There’s been a lot of misinformation regarding Ray-Ban’s official warranty policies, but according to their official website, the warranty they offer is pretty minimal in its timeframe and degree of coverage. In this article, we’ll discuss what the Ray-Bans warranty actually entails and how you could potentially get additional, longer-lasting protection for your purchase. 

What is the Ray-Bans Warranty, and What Does it Cover?

Considering the price of Ray-Bans, the warranty policy detailed on their official website through Luxottica Group is underwhelming, to say the least. 

According to Luxottica Group, Ray-Bans are only protected under their limited warranty which lasts for 24-months after the date of purchase. The company promises to replace, repair, or offer credit for a new product depending on the model and defect in question to uphold their standard every Ray-Bans product is “from manufacturing defects.”

Unfortunately, that means the only coverage you’ll receive for your Ray-Bans is issues relating to manufacturing defects and nothing else. The website clearly states that this limited warranty does not cover:

“scratches on sun lenses; damages caused by accident, abuse, neglect, shock, improper use or storage of the product; unauthorized modifications or repairs; normal wear and tear as well as any issue connected to the prescription lenses.”

So, if your $300 Ray-Bans were knocked off your head and the lenses shattered or the frames cracked, you’re out of luck. Unless the issue is related to poor manufacturing, you’re responsible for any repairs. 

How Do You File a Claim for Ray-Ban Repairs?

If you discover your Ray-Bans are defective due to poor manufacturing, you are within your rights to utilize the limited warranty (as long as it’s within the allotted timeframe) and file an official claim from repairs or a replacement. 

The filing process for damaged Ray-Bans depends on where they were purchased from. Typically, you’ll show proof of purchase to the assessor, allow them to assess the sunglasses, and wait for their approval of the claim for repair or replacement. 

If the Ray-Bans were purchased through a retailer in-store, owners must return to the retailer and show them proof of purchase. The retailer will then assess the Ray-Bans and decide if their condition matches the warranty. If so, they will repair or replace the sunglasses themselves. 

Online purchases through Ray-Ban.com must be filed through the company’s Aftersales Portal. A company representative will then assess your case, and you will receive compensation through Ray-Bans. 

Will Ray-Bans Repair Broken Sunglasses?

Don’t worry; Ray-Ban’s warranty and protection services get better! Or at least, that’s what we would’ve liked to say. Not only does their limited warranty cover very little, but Ray-Bans also doesn’t guarantee repairs for its consumers. 

In the event that your Ray-Bans need repairs that can’t be provided through the limited warranty, the company advises consumers to visit the retailer where they acquired the sunglasses and allow them to assess the issue and propose a solution. 

Essentially, they aren’t responsible for repairing your broken Ray-Bans. The only chance of Ray-Bans offering their services to repair your sunglasses is in the event that you are unable to contact the retailer that sold you your current pair. 

If this is the case, their website recommends Ray-Ban owners register and log in to the company’s Aftersales Portal, where they can submit a service request or purchase a replacement part. 

Are There Alternative Warranty Options for Ray-Bans?

There is one glimmer of hope regarding your Ray-Bans protection, and that is if the retailer you purchase them from has an exceptional warranty policy. 

Although Ray-Bans only has a limited warranty offered by Luxottica Group that strictly covers manufacturing defects for a two-year period, they will honor retailer warranties. Therefore, the company will not exclude or limit the benefits of other companies as long as they align with consumer protection laws or regulations.

All this means is that Luxottica Group has taken the time to tell us that they won’t infringe on their consumer’s rights to warranties offered by other retailers. Therefore, your best bet of getting additional, long-term coverage for your pricy pair of Ray-Bans is to purchase them from a retailer that has an exceptional warranty for their sunglasses and optical lenses. 

Final Thoughts

Although some online sources imply Ray-Bans has an exceptional and extensive warranty policy, their official website tells a different story. 

While it is reasonable that the warranty only lasts for a two-year period, it’s a bit disappointing that there is no accident coverage for these expensive products. Therefore, the best thing you can do for your Ray-Bans is to do some research and purchase them from a retailer with an exceptional warranty policy for these sunglasses.