Blue light glasses are an incredibly popular option for protecting our eyes against the excessive blue light our eyes receive from the influx of screens in daily life. If you think blue light glasses might be a good choice for you, you will certainly want to know if they are covered by VSP insurance. Let’s find out right now. 

Blue light glasses are sometimes covered by VSP insurance, but usually only if they are prescription glasses. It’s important to understand that not all of the company’s plans cover blue light glasses, so you should read the fine print on your plan to know whether they are included or not. 

Now, if you want to learn everything there is to know about how to get blue light glasses covered by VSP, and how to get them at cost if blue light glasses aren’t covered in your purchased plan, keep reading! This article has it all. 

When Are Blue Light Glasses Not Covered by VSP?

Before we dig into how to know if your VSP plan covers blue light glasses, there is a very important factor to understand first. 

VSP does not cover blue light glasses that are not required by your prescription. When you head in for your eye exam, you should explain to your doctor why you believe blue light glasses are necessary for your eye health. 

In case you aren’t already aware, blue light glasses are proven to help with digital eye strain and computer vision syndrome, which are now two legitimate problems people are facing due to excessive screen time in their daily lives. 

If your doctor agrees and thinks that blue light glasses can help, they will give you a prescription for them either to be used with your standard prescription or to simply get a pair without any other vision assistance. 

You should also understand that blue light glasses without a prescription are usually quite affordable! So if you don’t get a prescription, don’t worry. You can purchase them at the vision center for much less than prescription glasses. 

When Are Blue Light Glasses Covered by VSP?

When it comes to insurance companies such as VSP, they offer several different options for plans to both individuals and employers. 

Because there are so many different options provided, it’s almost impossible to say which programs will cover blue light glasses and which won’t before reading the fine print of the individual plan. 

However, because all VSP plans provide one eye exam and the necessary frames and lenses in a 12-month period, you do have the option to get your new prescription glasses as blue light glasses, although you may have to pay a little extra. 

But it’s important to note that before you order prescription blue light glasses from your optometrist or eye center, you should ensure VSP will cover the majority of the cost. 

How Many Pairs of Glasses Can I Get a Year with VSP?

Also, you should understand that if you need to use your yearly allotment for regular prescription glasses, it is possible to opt for a second pair during the year. 

In fact, all VSP members are eligible to receive 20% off as many additional pairs of glasses as needed from a VSP doctor within 12 months of their last eye exam. 

So if your VSP plan does not completely cover your prescription blue light glasses, you can at least get them at a discounted rate from a VSP doctor. 

Should You Get Blue Light Prescription Blue Light Glasses?

Finally, now that you know that it is possible to get blue light prescription glasses covered by VSP, you might be wondering if they are even a good choice! 

Realistically, blue light glasses can be very helpful when it comes to eye strain, insomnia, itchy or blurry eyes, and even fatigue due to excess blue light from screens. 

However, doctors do not recommend wearing blue light glasses all the time as our eyes do need some blue light to stay healthy! 

So, while blue light glasses are a good idea if you work online, you should always take breaks from wearing them throughout the day. That means that if you need prescription glasses to see, you will need a regular pair as well as a blue light pair to switch between. 

Final Thoughts

VSP does not always cover blue light glasses, but it is possible if your optometrist states you need them to help with symptoms of digital eye strain or computer vision syndrome. 

But hopefully, you now know exactly when VSP will cover blue light glasses, as well as if you can get a second pair of glasses from VSP and even if blue light glasses are a good option for you!