When it comes to choosing the right pair of glasses for your face, there are almost too many options to choose from! However, if you want to specifically pick a pair that will make your face look smaller, there are a few guidelines you should follow. 

While it depends on the shape of your face, usually, glasses that are square or rectangular will make your face look smaller. You should also opt for darker and thicker frames, as the bigger the frames are, the smaller your face will look in comparison! 

In this article, we will discuss which style of glasses will make your forehead look smaller, your face thinner, and even how to go about finding the perfect glasses for your face. Keep reading; everything you need to know is right here! 

What Kind of Glasses Make Your Forehead Look Smaller?

While there are many parts of your face that you might want to have a smaller appearance, many people specifically want to find a pair of glasses to make their forehead look smaller. 

Realistically, the forehead, which reaches from temple to temple, is usually the widest part of the face, so in order to use glasses to make it look smaller, you should direct people’s attention to the lower half and narrower half of your face with oversized frames. 

As you may have already seen, some glasses don’t have frames under the lenses, and you should steer clear of this style if you want your forehead and face to look smaller! 

The best way to make your forehead (and therefore your face) look smaller is to opt for oversized, tall, thick frames in a dark color.

What Kind of Glasses Make Your Face Look Bigger?

It’s important to understand that glasses can truly change the shape your face looks, and while some styles will make your face look smaller, others will actually make it look bigger! 

So as you now know, square, thick, dark, and big frames are often the best options to make your face look smaller and thinner. But you might also want to know specifically what kind of styles make your face look bigger so you can avoid them. 

Here are the styles of glasses that will typically make your face look bigger:

  • Round 
  • Cat Eye
  • Thin Frames
  • Transparent Frames
  • Rimless 

Luckily, there are still tons of options and styles to choose from, even if you have to skip these few. 

And we have all the information you need to select the perfect glasses to make your face look smaller right here. 

How to Choose the Right Glasses to Make Your Face Look Smaller

Although there are certain styles of glasses that will generally make a face appear bigger or smaller, it’s also essential to remember that every face is a little different!

For example, a pair of glasses that makes a round face appear thinner would actually make a long face appear longer. Therefore, you need to choose a pair of glasses based on your face shape and which parts of it you want to minimize. 

Round Face

If you want to de-emphasize a round face, you should select angular frames, such as square, rectangular, or even the right pair of cat eyes. 

Essentially, the frames should be wide as opposed to tall, as they will then make your face underneath appear narrower and, therefore, smaller. 

Square Face 

For those of you with square faces, although we usually recommend angular and chunky glasses to make a face look smaller, you have to be a little more careful as these options could make your face look even more like a square! 

When selecting the perfect style of glasses to make a square face look smaller, you should opt for wide glasses with round or soft edges. 

Long Face

If you are worried that your face looks too long and want to use glasses to make it appear smaller, don’t worry, there’s a style for that! 

As opposed to glasses for square or round faces, the best options for a long face are actually frames that are deeper than they are wide. 

While you should still opt for angular glasses, such as square frames, you can play around more with thinner or even lighter-colored options. 

Large Nose

Many people also want to know what glasses they can wear to make their noses look smaller. 

And luckily, the same styles that make your face look smaller will also make your nose look smaller! Just remember, thick, chunky, dark-colored, angular frames that pull the attention away from your nose are always the best bet! 

The Bottom Line 

Now, as promised, you have absolutely all the information you need to find the perfect pair of glasses for your face that will not only make your face look smaller, but also minimize whatever feature you want!