If you have recently had LASIK surgery on your eyes, you will, of course, want to know how to keep your eyes as safe and healthy as possible. So let’s find out: Can I wear blue light glasses after LASIK, and maybe more importantly, should I wear blue light glasses after LASIK?

You can wear blue light glasses after getting LASIK surgery. In fact, many LASIK surgeons recommend replacing your prescription glasses with blue light glasses after you get the surgery to help keep your eyes healthy and happy! 

In this article, we are going to find out why you can and should wear blue light glasses after getting LASIK surgery, how they can protect your eyes, and when you should wear them so that you have all the information you need to keep your eyes safe. 

Can Blue Light Glasses Protect Eyes After LASIK?

Now that you know that you certainly can wear blue light glasses after getting LASIK, it’s important to understand why you should. 

Blue light glasses will protect your eyes from the overdose of blue light most of us receive from our many technological devices and fluorescent lighting. 

Although blue light is not technically bad for your eyes, too much of it can cause eye strain, insomnia, and can even harm your eyes over time. 

Although LASIK surgery should not make your eyes weaker or more sensitive for more than a few days after the procedure, it is always important to take care of your eyes, and blue light glasses can really help!

So whether you just got LASIK surgery or had the procedure done years ago, blue light glasses are still a great option if you want to ensure you keep your eyes healthy for as long as possible. 

Are Blue Light Glasses Recommended for LASIK Patients?

Sometimes it can be tough to decipher what is promotional information and what is actually medically true when it comes to health care products, and there is a lot of information out there about whether or not blue light glasses actually work. 

However, LASIK surgeons absolutely recommend that their patients wear blue light glasses when inside after getting the surgery, which must mean they are doing something for your eyes! 

Here’s what LASIK surgeons have to say about blue light glasses:

  • They will protect your eyes from strain. 
  • They can decrease the risk of certain cancers. 
  • You will be able to fall asleep faster and stay asleep. 
  • They can prevent age-related vision loss (macular degeneration).

Now that you know why blue light glasses are recommended for LASIK patients by medical professionals in the field, let’s learn about where and when you should wear them. 

When Can You Wear Blue Light Glasses After LASIK?

It’s important to understand that blue light is emitted not just from screens but from fluorescent lighting and the sun as well. 

For centuries, our eyes have received the appropriate amount of blue light from the sun, which is necessary for our eyes’ health. But the problem these days is that many of us spend 7-10 hours every day looking at a screen, and if you work online, it could be much more! 

Between computers, smartphones, tablets, game consoles, televisions, and even fluorescent lighting in stores and offices, we are exposed to far more blue light than is healthy for our eyes; this is where blue light glasses come in. 

Most doctors recommend using blue light glasses inside after getting the surgery to best protect your eyes from harmful blue light rays from fluorescent lights and screens. 

So as a general rule of thumb, you should wear blue light glasses when looking at a screen or working under fluorescent lighting. 

No study says wearing blue light glasses for too long can harm your eyes, but you should take breaks from the screen throughout the day, and when you do so, take a break from the glasses as well. 

Because our eyes do need a bit of blue light to stay healthy, you should always take off blue light sunglasses when you head outside and switch to a pair of sunglasses that will allow the blue light to penetrate. 

The Bottom Line

So, can you wear blue light glasses after LASIK? You can, and you should! 

LASIK surgeons recommend switching from prescription glasses to blue light glasses after the surgery to keep your eyes as healthy as possible. 

Hopefully, you now understand not only what blue light glasses can do for your eyes, but also why they are suggested for people who have undergone LASIK surgery, and even when you should wear them. 

Just remember, blue light glasses can be worn when looking at screens and under fluorescent lighting, but you should switch to sunglasses when you head outside.