Progressive lenses allow for multiple corrections without the need to adjust your glasses. You can read a book at close range, operate a computer monitor at a medium distance, and drive a vehicle comfortably without needing different glasses. Due to their multiple applications, a lot of people have wondered whether they can get such lenses at the world’s leading prescription glasses and sunglasses retailer, Warby Parker. 

There are progressive lenses available for purchase at Warby Parker, where prices begin at $295. The retailer also allows you to test up to five different pairs for five days to decide which pair fits you. Additionally, they offer more incentives and warranties to satisfy their new and returning clients. 

When planning to buy progressive lenses, there are more details that you need to consider, such as the best frames for progressive lenses, the average cost for progressive lenses, and whether it’s worth buying progressive lenses, which we will cover in this article. 

Are Progressive Lenses Available at Warby Parker?

Warby Parker specializes in selling prescription glasses and sunglasses, and progressive lenses are part of this catalog. As a market-leading retailer in prescription lenses, Warby Parker remains the best source for anyone choosing to buy, exchange, or adjust their glasses. 

To make sure their progressive lenses stand out from the rest, Warby Parker goes above and beyond when manufacturing them to incentivize their clients.  Such incentives include:

  • Scratch-resistant treatment – The treatment ensures your lenses remain clean and clear. Warby Parker promises to replace the lenses at no cost if scratches appear within a year of purchase.
  • Anti-reflective coating – The coating works by eliminating reflection that might strain the eye and takes care of glare that might interfere with your sight. 
  • UV Protection – To offer more protection to your eyes, the lenses are made to prevent 100% of harmful UVA and UVB rays. 
  • Superhydrophobic coating – Moisture is the primary cause of smudging, which is a common problem experienced by many glass wearers. Warby Parker progressive lenses are designed to repel moisture from forming around them. 

What is the Average Cost for Progressive Lenses?

On average, progressive lenses should cost anywhere between $175 and $279 depending on the retailer and shipping cost for standard progressive lenses. However, premium progressive lenses might cost upwards of $700, but they’re worth the money.  

If you’re looking for affordable progressive lenses, it would be best if you tried out standard progressive lenses from Warby Parker since they offer great functionality. They won’t cost you a lot, and the services are outstanding. You’re also covered by their 12-months no-scratch warranty, which is a great incentive. 

Is it Worth Getting Progressive Lenses?

Progressive lenses are great for anyone who multitasks since you won’t need different glasses for different occasions. This makes progressive lenses perfect since you don’t have to keep readjusting the glasses whenever you transition from one task to another. 

However, some people are turned away by the high costs of progressive lenses without knowing they can get standard progressive lenses for less than $300. This is a steal, given how well the glasses will serve you. 

Are Progressive Lenses Hard to Maintain?

Maintaining progressive lenses is as easy as any other pair of glasses. You only need to keep them clean by wiping them regularly, keeping them safe from anything that might scratch them, and avoiding dropping them to prevent them from impact. 

It also helps to know that Warby Parker offers a one-year warranty for any scratch-related damages. You also get a wiping cloth when you buy the glasses as well. 

Which Frames Should You Choose for Progressive Lenses?

On average, any larger frame is suitable for progressive lenses as they can accommodate more than a single field of view. This means frames such as aviators and cat-eyes are not suited for progressive lenses since they don’t have the bottom side of vision. 

If you’re shopping for frames to fit progressive lenses on the Warby Parker website, try the following:

  • Wright
  • Stellan
  • Chamberlain 
  • Duncan
  • Gillian
  • Layton
  • Truesdale 

Final Thoughts

Progressive lenses are the best in multiple vision correction as you don’t need to keep adjusting the glasses or getting new ones for every occasion. You can buy them at Warby Parker at an affordable rate, and they come equipped with features such as anti-scratch treatment, anti-reflection coating, UV protection, and superhydrophobic coating to keep them at prime conditions. Bigger frames are the best for progressive lenses, with standard lenses costing below $300, and they’re also straightforward to maintain.