Blue light filtering glasses are becoming increasingly popular because many people are sitting at their desks on their electronics for multiple hours a day. Warby Parker is an online and in-store retailer for glasses where you can try on their glasses in the comfort of your own home. Since Warby Parker is a popular retailer for glasses, do they sell glasses that block blue light?

Not all lenses from Warby Parker block blue light. Warby Parker does offer different lenses that will block blue light at an additional, low price. Warby Parker glasses do have other baseline specifications for their glasses, such as UV resistance and more. 

Trying on glasses from Warby Parker is fast and free. Once you’ve selected the frames you want, you can order them online for a low starting price. They also offer a payment plan without interest for their glasses.

What are Blue Light Filtering Glasses?

Imagine sitting at your desk all day, and then when you’re finally done with your workday, you are on your phone decompressing after a day after work. Doing that can take a toll on your eyes and make you feel more fatigued due to the blue light from your devices. 

Blue light filtering glasses have a tint to them to slow down eye fatigue throughout the day while you wear them. Many people in offices and who play video games have transitioned to using blue light filtering glasses to increase their productivity throughout the day.

If you are on your devices for several hours a day, you’re more likely to suffer from eye strain. Wearing blue light filtering glasses will help slow down the progress of eye strain.

How to Order Blue Light Filtering Glasses from Warby Parker

Ordering blue light filtering glasses from Warby Parker is extremely easy. You would order them just as you’d order any other pair of glasses from them. The first thing you would do is take a survey about your facial appearance and style, and they will recommend different frames for your face. If you don’t want to take a survey, you can search their catalog.

Once you have frames selected, you can opt to have up to five pairs shipped to your home for you to try on. Shipping is free to and from your house. If you find a frame you like, you can order them online. 

To order the blue light filtering glasses, you would add the frames you like to your cart according to your style. You can pick the color, and for some of the frames, you can select a width. Once you select your lens, type, you can then choose to add the blue-light filtering or the light-responsive 

The classic lens doesn’t filter blue light. However, they are scratch and glare resistant and offer 100% UV protection. This is applied to both blue-light filtering and light-responsive lenses as well. 

Do I Need a Prescription for Blue Light Filtering Glasses?

With Warby Parker, you do not need a prescription to order blue light filtering glasses. In fact, you do not need a prescription to order any glasses from Warby Parker. When you place your order for your glasses as you are customizing them, they ask if you need single vision, progressives, readers, or non-prescription glasses. 

If you already have a prescription, you will be asked to enter this information when you place your order if you do not have your prescription through Warby Parker.

Can I Get a Glasses Prescription from Warby Parker?

If you do need a prescription but don’t have one, you can utilize their in-store option for an eye exam or go to a local optometrist. You can see if you have a Warby Parker retailer near you and schedule your appointment online. If you do not have one near you, you can see a local optometrist and use their prescription for the glasses you order from Warby Parker.

You can also use their online tool if you just need to renew a prescription, regardless of where you have received your prescription from. It is recommended that you have an eye exam and renew your lens prescription every two years.

Warby Parker also works with different insurance companies to cover your vision exam and your glasses.


Warby Parker is known for how versatile their frames and lenses are. Recently, they have jumped into the trend of having blue light filtering glasses that can offer many benefits. Ordering glasses from Warby Parker online is extremely easy and affordable. It can be done entirely from the comfort of your own home.