Warby Parker glasses are some of the most fashionable out there. But you may wonder where they make the glasses that you buy. Before you go shopping for frames, you should know about where the company makes their famous frames.

Warby Parker glasses are made in different places, depending on the step. A small manufacturer in Italy makes the plastic. The materials then head to China, where another facility assembles them. Lenses are made, and the glasses are finished in the United States. But why does this matter?

Whether you wear Warby Parker glasses or not, it’s important to know where popular products come from. Then, you can support the brands with ideals and values similar to yours. Read on to learn more about Warby Parker’s glasses.

The Design

Before a pair of glasses enters production, the Warby Parker design team works on the design of the glasses. Designers will create mood boards based on the ideas they have. They will also sketch out their ideas to see how they might look.

Employees will also figure out the details to prepare for a prototype. This happens any time the company works on a new design. And it happens in-house at the Warby Parker headquarters.

Once they complete the design for one style, they won’t need to repeat this step. That way, they can spend more time creating new styles so that there’s something for everyone.

The Materials

After a design is ready to produce, Warby Parker will source the highest-quality materials. The company works with a small factory in Italy, and that factory is a family business.

Warby Parker uses cellulose acetate with a custom design. They also source quality titanium that’s lightweight, so the final product will be comfortable to wear. The materials follow this process before moving to the next step:

  • Cut the acetate into small chips
  • Mix the chips with different colors
  • Place the chips into a mold
  • Press the chips together

After all of that, the glasses move to the next step, which is where the production really gets going.

The Production

At this stage, the glasses start to take shape. They go to a factory in China where a CNC machine will cut the face fronts of the frames.

Then, the frames will go in with wood chips and tumble around. Next, someone will hand polish each frame with a German wax. That finish gives the pair a glossy appearance.

Someone also applies the Warby Parker logo by hand, and people will test the glasses to see if they can withstand a bit of pull and push. That way, you won’t have to worry about the pair breaking.

The frames are hand-finished, so they all look nice. If they don’t pass this stage, they won’t move on to the next part of the glasses-making process.

The Lenses

After a pair of glasses is ready for an order, they’ll head to the United States. When you place your order, Warby Parker employees will cut the lenses based on your prescription.

Here’s the process for cutting lenses:

  • Lenses go in a tray with the matching frames
  • A CNC machine mills the lenses into the right shape
  • Someone mounts the lenses on the frame

Each lens is made specifically for you and your vision prescription. That way, the lenses will fit in the frame that you choose, and you’ll be able to see. All of this happens in the United States to cut down on production and travel time.

The Review

Before Warby Parker sends you the final pair, they will review the glasses. Someone will inspect the pair to make sure everything looks and feels good and that there aren’t any issues. They will also align the glasses.

Someone will check to make sure the prescription is correct so that you’ll be able to see. Finally, they will package the glasses in a glasses case and send them to you.

You can either mail them to your home or pick them up if you live near a retail location. Once you get the pair, you’ll be able to wear them and show them off to everyone you know.

You’ll have 30 days to exchange or return the glasses if you don’t like them. And you can go to a store to have someone adjust them. So don’t worry if they aren’t perfect.

Final Thoughts

Warby Parker glasses are made in multiple countries at one stage or another. That allows the company to provide you with a comfortable, durable pair of frames. You won’t have to replace the glasses within a few months, so you can get your money’s worth.