The mind-bending and stomach tightening curves on roller coasters are great for thrill-seekers. If you wear glasses, though, you may risk losing them while riding. Many people who wear glasses either take them off while they ride or don’t ride rollercoasters at all. However, a better way allows riders with glasses to keep their perfect vision while they ride. 

At theme parks where glasses-wearing on rides is allowed, the best method is to either strap them to your face with a tight glasses strap or store them safely away on your person. 

Just because you wear glasses doesn’t mean you should miss out on all the fun and exhilaration of theme park rides and roller coasters. There are some products that you could wear while riding that keep your glasses on your face. Read on for more information about the types to keep in mind while wearing glasses on roller coasters. 

Why Wear Glasses on Roller Coasters

Wearing glasses on a roller coaster isn’t necessary, but it might be a whole lot more comfortable. Most people get a small amount of motion sickness, nausea, or dizziness on a fast and curving roller coaster ride. Going through such as experience without your glasses could leave you disoriented and make you sicker than if you had been able to see clearly. 

Although there are many different methods of riding a roller coaster without getting dizzy or nauseous with motion sickness, one of the best ways is to keep your glasses on if you are used to wearing them all day. 

If you ride a roller coaster without your glasses on, it can make you sick. The strain on your eyes tends to give you a headache which leads to sickness. When coupled with the motion sickness that many people get while riding a roller coaster, the experience of riding without your glasses on is very unpleasant and should be avoided. 

How to Wear Glasses on Roller Coasters

Most theme parks don’t allow your glasses on your face while riding a roller coaster. Theme parks almost always won’t allow glasses-wearing if the roller coaster goes completely upside down or has very fast turns. However, if the park does allow glasses, you can wear them safely and securely. 

There are two main methods of wearing glasses on roller coasters: tightening your glasses screws or inserting them into a glasses strap. A combination of both ways is the best security for wearing glasses on a roller coaster. 

Tightening Glasses Screws Is Easier Than You May Think

Most glasses are made for your face so that they fit without falling off. So, if you have a pair of glasses that are suitably fit your face, they should stay secure while riding a roller coaster.

If you have a glasses care kit with a small screwdriver, you should tighten your glasses to ensure a secure fit. Tightening the tiny screws at the temples of your glasses is an excellent way of keeping them on your face while you ride roller coasters. 

These glasses repair and tightening kits are small and portable. Keeping them in your pocket or a purse or backpack is no problem. You could tighten them in between rides if the need arises. 

Glasses Straps Take The Worry Out of the Fun Day

There are also straps for glasses that keep them on your face. Even if the glasses fall off of your face while riding a roller coaster, these straps will keep them on your neck. The straps connect to each end of the glasses behind your ears and hang around your neck. This way, even if the glasses fall off your face, they remain around your neck instead of down in the safety net of the ride. 

In the end, glasses straps and an excellent secure fit for your glasses keep them on your body while riding a roller coaster. There are many different brands of glasses straps with dozens of colors and styles. As long as you find something that fits your style, your glasses are safe for all roller coaster rides. 

In Conclusion

Most theme parks don’t allow wearing glasses on their roller coasters; since glasses might fall off, there is a safety hazard. However, not wearing your glasses might make you more susceptible to motion sickness and make it difficult to enjoy the ride. 

Hopefully, you learned that if you have a secure fit, a glasses strap, and the theme park allows for it, you can wear your glasses on a roller coaster. Just because roller coasters scare and excite us with tight curves and upside-down loops doesn’t mean that people with glasses shouldn’t be able to wear their glasses. Good luck and have fun!