If you are an eyeglass wearer, then you have likely heard of Warby Parker. This company is known for its affordability and stylish frames. But many vision insurance companies don’t cover them! Is Warby Parker an in-network provider at VSP?

VSP does not cover Warby Parker services or purchases because Warby Parker is not an in-network provider of VSP. When using VSP vision insurance, it is best to choose an in-network provider because their contracts are to provide more affordable services and products. 

In this post, we will cover how you can use VSP insurance with Warby Parker and the costs you will likely incur with using Warby Parker. Keep reading to learn about VSP insurance and the out-of-network provider, Warby Parker. 

Can You Use VSP insurance at Warby Parker?

You can use VSP insurance at Warby Parker, but you will not be paying the low costs of an in-network provider under VSP insurance. You will also need to apply for reimbursement for your Warby Parker purchases and services if you have VSP insurance. So there is no guarantee that you will be covered, and all the costs will be up-front when using Warby Parker. 

Visit the Warby Parker website.

The downsides to using Warby Parker when you have VSP insurance include the following:

  • No guarantee of reimbursement
  • You pay out of pocket for all services, fees, and products
  • You must take the time to file a claim

You can use your vision plan to purchase glasses at Warby Parker by using your out-of-network benefits. But not all plans have out-of-network benefits. Keep this in mind before you choose services or make purchases at Warby Parker. 

Warby Parker makes it easy to buy glasses online. With the vision plan, it’s only a click away from getting your free home try-on kit with five frames of your choice at no additional cost!

But the frames and lenses you purchase will not be covered by VSP insurance. 

You would need to pay at the time of purchase, then file a claim with your receipt. And you may only be partially reimbursed depending on the type of coverage you have with VSP. 

How Can You Use VSP Insurance at Warby Parker?

There is a way to try and use your VSP insurance at Warby Parker, but it takes a few extra steps on your part.

While Warby Parker will say they can take your VSP insurance, there is no guarantee that your claim filed with VSP will be accepted. 

You can file a claim with VSP by doing the following:

  • Complete a claim form on the VSP website
  • Send in your itemized receipt to the VSP claims department
  • Submit the claim
  • Wait for your claim to be processed

It is important to recognize you will only be partially or fully reimbursed if you have an eligible out-of-network benefit. This would not be the case if you went to an in-network provider. Most likely, you would be responsible for a co-pay, and that would be it. 

Choosing an in-network provider, someone other than Warby Parker, you would have a lot fewer hoops to jump through.

Why Should You Avoid Warby Parker With Your VSP Insurance?

Using an in-network provider with VSP insurance will save you money and time. Since Warby Parker is out-of-network for VSP insurance, you should avoid them. This is especially true if you are looking to save money. 

When you use VSP insurance with an in-network provider, you can have the costs of the following reduced:

  • Vision exams
  • Eyeglasses
  • Contact lenses

Insurance should help you reduce the costs you pay out-of-pocket for your vision-related services and purchases. This includes vision exams, eyeglasses, and contact lenses. You should not have to pay more when using your VSP insurance with in-network providers.

Using an out-of-network provider for vision-related services will usually increase the costs you pay out of pocket because they are less likely to be reimbursed. And all of your out-of-pocket costs at an out-of-network provider, like Warby Parker, are going to be at a higher rate than if you used an in-network provider. 

In Summary: VSP Does Not Cover Warby Parker

When you go to get your eyes checked or are ready to buy a new set of prescription specs from Warby Parker, you will not be covered by your VSP insurance. You may be able to file an out-of-network claim and be reimbursed if you meet the eligibility requirements.

However, meeting those requirements can be difficult, and paying the total costs up-front can be difficult for many families. It is best to opt for an in-network provider when using your VSP insurance.