Though companies like Zenni Optical make glasses far more affordable, they can also lead to some confusion about how the process of purchasing them works. Buying prescription glasses online is unfamiliar to anyone who hasn’t done it before. So what exactly do you need to buy Zenni glasses? Are you required to have a prescription? 

Zenni optical requires customers to have their current prescription and their pupillary distance. If you already have a prescription, but you’re not sure where it is, you can contact your eye doctor’s office and have them send one to you. Likewise, with your pupillary distance. 

If you want to buy a pair of Zenni Optical glasses, but you’re still not sure how the process works and what’s required to do so, we’ve got you covered. We will explain why a prescription is so important and fill you in on anything else you might need to make your purchase. More affordable glasses are only a step away. 

Can You Order Zenni With an Expired Prescription?

So what if you do actually have a prescription, but it’s just expired? Will they still accept it as proof you really need the glasses?

Zenni does not allow you to order their glasses with an expired prescription. Both the prescription and the pupillary distance have to be up-to-date. If your prescription has expired, you’ll need to call or set up an appointment with your eye doctor to see if they can write a new one. 

Why Does Zenni Require a Current Prescription?

Zenni, like all prescription eyeglass sellers, require you to have a prescription because they have to know exactly what lenses will correct your vision. Depending on what kind of vision you have, your lenses may require a slightly different curvature. 

The prescription has to be current because people’s vision changes over time. We all know someone whose vision was fine when they were young, but became nearsighted as they grew older. This is a completely natural and normal aging process. 

Of course, your vision can change even if you already had vision issues in the past. Therefore, they have to make sure your vision hasn’t changed so that the lenses you’ve been using will still be effective. 

While this might seem like a hassle, it actually works to your benefit. Imagine ordering a pair of glasses only to get them and discover they don’t work. That’s way less likely to happen if your prescription is up to date.

Do You Need Anything Else to Buy Zenni Glasses? 

Aside from your prescription, the only other thing you will need to purchase zenni glasses is your pupillary distance (PD) measurement. This is simply a measurement of how far apart the centers of your pupils are. 

Normally, your eye doctor will take your PD measurement when you are in the process of getting your prescription. However, if you have the prescription already but you don’t have your PD measurement, you can take it on your own

How You Can Get Your PD Measurement on Your Own

To take your own PD measurement you will simply need a mirror and a ruler. Then you just need to stand approximately 8 inches away from a mirror and follow these steps:

  • Put the ruler against your brow and close your right eye.
  • Ensure the 0 mm mark on the ruler is lined up with your left pupil.
  • Stare straight ahead and switch which eye is opened and which is closed. With the right eye open, look at where the mm mark meets the center of your right pupil. If all the steps have been followed correctly, that is your PD measurement. 

These steps are good to follow if you haven’t had your PD measured. If you have a prescription however, you likely have even if you’ve lost the measurement. You can always try calling your eye doctor before you attempt these steps on your own, as they probably still have it on file. 

So, Does Zenni Optical Require a Prescription?

Zenni optical does require a prescription to purchase any of their glasses. The prescription must be current (meaning not expired), and it must be accompanied by your PD measurement. You can get both of these by calling your eye doctor and setting up an appointment. If you have the prescription but not your pupillary distance, you can take that measurement on your own. 

Though it might seem like a hassle, having a current prescription is really important and could save you time and money. Because our vision changes as we age, the lenses from your old prescription very well may no longer work. If you ordered them without one you’d essentially be flipping a coin. So make sure you get your prescription and get the glasses you really want!