Eyeglasses can be expensive to pay for, especially without insurance. However, some eyeglass companies don’t accept insurance, while others do. They usually have specific requirements for why they do or do not accept insurance, and Zenni is no different.  

Zenni optical does not accept insurance as a form of payment. But they do take other forms of payment, such as Flex Spending Accounts (FSA) and Health Savings Accounts (HSA). You can also use those accounts to pay for accessories designed to care for your glasses. 

The following article is a more in-depth description of how to use FSA and HSA to pay for Zenni optical. It also includes a brief comparison of how much Zenni optical will cost alone compared to other optical providers. 

How Do I Use HSA On Zenni? 

HSA is a form of insurance that allows you to set aside money for health-related expenses. To use your HSA for Zenni optical, you enter the details on your HSA card as you would a normal credit or debit card. 

HSA accounts are usually offered by employers to their employees. They allow employees to set aside money before taxes that can be used on any medical or health related expenses. Zenni optical is one of them, since poor eyesight is considered a medical concern. 

When you apply for an HSA account, you will usually get a card that looks similar to a regular credit or debit card. If you don’t have an HSA card, you can ask for reimbursement with an itemized receipt by logging into your Zenni optical account. 

You can use your HSA funds on a number of Zenni optical products, including: 

  • Prescription glasses
  • Prescription sunglasses 
  • Eyeglass care accessories, such as wipes and cases 

Money that is in your HSA account also has no expiration date. So, if your glasses need replacing, you can keep using your account on Zenni optical. 

How Do I Use FSA On Zenni? 

FSA is very similar to HSA, but it limits when you can use the money. You must use the money by the end of the year, or it will be invalid. You can use FSA funds on Zenni optical by inputting the information on your card like you would for a regular debit or credit card. 

To use FSA on Zenni, you must first make sure the money is still valid for the year. Money in an FSA account disappears once the year you earned it is over, so it’s important to double check. You can do so by logging into your FSA account online. 

Once you make sure you have funds, you input the information from your FSA card into the billing information on the checkout page. If you don’t have an FSA card, then you can ask for reimbursement with an itemized receipt. You can also use FSA to purchase the same things as HSA. 

Does Zenni Accept Returns Purchased With FSA/HSA? 

Zenni does accept returning eyeglasses that were purchased with FSA or HSA. But it is recommended that you check with your HSA or FSA plan to see if returns are allowed. 

The optical company has a 30 day return policy, so if you return your glasses before that deadline, you’ll be refunded. To make the return, you’ll have to call Zenni and get a return authorization number. Once you have your RA, you’ll just have to repack the glasses in the box they came in and ship it off. 

Zenni accepts returns on purchases made with FSA or HSA accounts. However, they do recommend that you check to see if returns are allowed in your FSA or HSA plan. HSA account plans usually allow returns, but FSA accounts sometimes don’t if your funds have expired. You can check the return policy on your plan by logging into your FSA or HSA account. 

How Much Do Zenni Opticals Cost Alone? 

Compared to other eyeglass providers, Zenni optical glasses are very affordable. The prices vary depending on the style you want and the type of lenses you want. But the most a pair of glasses will cost on Zenni for is $50. 

Zenni has some of the most affordable eyeglass prices on the market. Glasses usually start at only $6.95 a pair, with select styles costing around $50. Zenni glasses let you completely customize your pair as well, so you get to choose: 

  • Frames
  • Lenses 
  • Accessories, such as nose pads and cleaning supplies  

The average cost for an order of one pair is $15. The average cost of eyeglasses from other providers is around $242 without insurance. All of these prices do not include insurance, so it’s clear Zenni has some of the best prices on the market. 

Final Thoughts 

Zenni prices are very affordable without insurance when compared to the average price of eyeglasses. Although Zenni’s doesn’t accept insurance, they still accept HSA or FSA as forms of payment.