Zenni optical is a popular eyeglasses brand, and they are mainly known for their affordable prices and diverse style selection. They are still able to fill a large number of prescriptions, but there is some question about if they can fulfil more complex prescriptions, such as prism lenses. 

Zenni Optical does offer a selection of prism glasses. They are designed to help mainly with double vision and eye strain issues. However, they can only fulfill prism prescriptions on single-lensed glasses. 

The following article is a more detailed guide on how to purchase prism glasses from Zenni optical. It also includes a brief pricing guide and if you can use HSA or FSA accounts to purchase them. 

How Do I Order Prism Lenses? 

You can order prism lenses from Zenni by choosing your prescription and filling out a short chart. The chart includes the numbers and measurements necessary to make the prism lenses correct for your prescription. 

The first step to order your prism lenses is to choose the type of prescription you need on the order page. From there, you will need to enter the following numbers for each eye: 

  • Your sphere numbers (SPH) 
  • Cylinder numbers (CYL) 
  • Axis numbers 

You can get these numbers from a professional eye doctor that recommends a prescription, but you do not have to. The site provides detailed videos to help you find your prescription on your own. Once you fill out those numbers, you will have to find your base measurements. These measurements include: 

  • Base in, the inner edge of the glasses
  • Base out, the outer edge of the glasses 
  • Base up, the top edge of the glasses 
  • Base down, the bottom edge of the glasses 

The base measurements will determine where the light needs to be directed so it will correct your vision. You can also get these numbers from a recommended prescription from an eye doctor. Once you fill out all the measurements, you can complete your order and wait for your glasses to arrive. 

How Do I Know if I Need Prism Lenses? 

It’s recommended that you consult with your eye doctor to see if you need prism lenses. But a common sign that you need them is double vision problems or seeing two of something. 

Several things can cause double vision, but the most common one is a condition called strabismus. Strabismus is when one or more of the six muscles in charge of your eye movements can’t coordinate with your other eye muscles. This can lead to vision issues such as: 

  • Eye fatigue 
  • Trouble focusing 
  • Seeing double versions of people and things 
  • Limited depth perception 

If you are experiencing one or more of these symptoms, then getting prism lenses can help alleviate them. 

Can I Use FSA or HSA Funds on Prism Glasses? 

Zenni accepts HSA (Health Savings Account) or FSA (Flexible Spending Account) payments on prism glasses. Since they are considered a medical expense, it’s acceptable to use these funds on prism glasses. 

You can only get prism glasses through a prescription given to you by a licensed doctor. The FSA and HSA guidelines allow you to use these funds for any prescription eyeglasses. Since prism glasses fall under this criterion, purchasing them with FSA and HSA funds is acceptable. 

To use your FSA or HSA funds to purchase prescription glasses, you have to enter the information on your card into the billing page at checkout. HSA and FSA cards look very similar to regular debit or credit cards, so you would enter in that information the same way you would for a debit or credit card. 

How Much Do Prisms Cost Without Insurance? 

The average price of prism glasses from other providers without insurance, can be up to $1500. But Zenni prism glasses usually cost no more than $50, depending on your chosen style and the prescription you need. 

There are two different types of prism glasses:

  • Fresnel prism glasses
  • Permanently ground prism glasses

Fresnel prism glasses are often purchased as a temporary solution, usually to help the wearer see properly in the time leading up to an eye correction surgery. These prism glasses can cost anywhere from $250 to $500 from most other providers, depending on the prescription. 

Permanently ground prism glasses are, as the name suggests, a permanent solution. As a result, they are more expensive, and usually cost around $600 to $1500. Those prices are the average cost of prism glasses from other manufacturers. 

The most a pair of Zenni prism glasses would cost is $50, which is much more affordable than other providers. 

Final Thoughts 

Despite prism glasses being a more complex prescription, Zenni is still able to provide them at much more affordable prices. The ordering process is simple, and the site guides you through each step until you have the perfect prescription.