Your glasses just broke again, and you want to buy some new ones. You have heard great things about Gucci glasses, and you decided to try them out this time. You find a great deal online and make the purchase, but there is a problem. How can you tell if the Gucci glasses you are looking at are fake?

Unfortunately, fake Gucci glasses are almost as common as the genuine pair, but spotting a fake may not be as hard as you think. Keep reading to learn how to spot fake Gucci glasses in nine easy steps. 

Check the Retail Price and for a “Sale” Price

It is very tempting to just click the “Buy Now” button when you see a “sale” for $50 or even $100 on Gucci glasses. However, it is very important to remember that Gucci glasses are inherently expensive, and very few honest sellers would sell them less than their market value. 

The price for authentic Gucci glasses should be close to, if not more than, $200. Anything less than that, and it may be too good to be true. 

Check the Lenses for the Gucci Logo 

Once you find Gucci glasses for the right price tag, it is time to inspect the glasses themselves. Gucci lenses will always have “GUCCI” etched atop one of them. Fake Gucci glasses will usually leave their lenses bare.

If you are checking the authenticity of a pair of Gucci glasses in a hurry, this is a great place to start.

Check the Nose Pads for the Gucci Logo

Gucci is not shy about printing their logo on their work. If you look at the bridge pads or nose pads of Gucci glasses, “GUCCI” or the Gucci logo should be printed on the metal beneath the clear padding. 

Fake Gucci glasses won’t display the logo in these spots, so if you don’t see it on the online picture or on the glasses at a vendor’s table, it is probably not safe to buy it.

Look for Plastic or Hinges Attached with Screws

Gucci is serious about the quality of its products. They don’t use plastic or metal screws on the hinges of their glasses. 

It is a huge red flag if someone is selling you “Gucci” glasses and you see metal screws holding them together. They are 100% fake, and you should probably try to find another pair somewhere else.

Look at Where Your Gucci Glasses are Made

Gucci glasses are only made in two countries. Italy—its mother country—and Japan, where it has had a few of its glasses’ collections manufactured.

Before buying Gucci glasses, always look for writing on the inside of the stems that says where it is made. If it says, “CE Made in Italy” or ” CE Made in Japan,” that is what you want. 

If there is no “CE Made in…” or if it says it is made somewhere other than those two countries, it is probably fake. 

Check Your Gucci Glasses for Misspelled or Abbreviated Words

Needless to say, the quality of Gucci glasses matches the price you pay for them. It is almost impossible to find authentic Gucci glasses that have typos or abbreviations. 

An easy way to spot a fake pair of Gucci glasses is if you see these shortcuts or mistakes in the print on the stems. For example, something like “GUUCI” instead of “GUCCI” is a huge red flag. 

Check the Paint to Make Sure it Doesn’t Chip or Peel

If you have a chance to physically inspect your Gucci glasses before making a purchase, it is a good idea to scratch the lettering on the stem. 

If the paint flakes, chips, or peels, there is a very good chance that it isn’t really a Gucci product. The etchings on Gucci glasses should be unaffected if scratched with your nails. 

Feel the Quality 

Even before you perform the “scratch test” on the etchings of your Gucci glasses, take note of the way they feel when you hold them. Are they super lightweight with an airy, hollow feel? If so, they might be fake.

Gucci glasses are famous for being some of the best glasses in the world. You cannot get that reputation by using low-cost materials. Therefore, you can expect real Gucci glasses to have some heft in their weight because they are made from more expensive and durable materials. 

Make Sure Your Gucci Glasses Come with the Proper Papers

If you buy true Gucci glasses, they should always come with a Card of Authentication, as well as a warranty card. Everything should be wrapped up in a quality bag and box with the Gucci logo on it that matches the one etched on the lens of the glasses. 

Street vendors may or may not have the box or bag, but they should definitely have the Card of Authentication and the warranty. If the Gucci glasses you are looking at aren’t sold with either of these two cards, it would be best to look elsewhere. 

Search for the Serial Number on the Internet 

Gucci glasses all come with a serial number etched on the inside of one of the stems. If you plug that serial number in your web browser’s search engine, the image that comes up should be your glasses. 

Sometimes, the sellers of counterfeit Gucci glasses will buy serial numbers that do not match the product. If you find one that doesn’t match, it is more than likely fake, and you should not purchase those glasses. 

Final Thoughts 

Gucci produces some amazing eyewear, and more consumers over the years are joining the population of happy Gucci glasses owners. But the more popular Gucci glasses become, the more scams you have to watch out for from bad faith sellers. 

Following these nine steps may allow you to stay a few steps ahead of the scammers and buy your next pair of Gucci glasses with confidence and in style.