If you are one of the millions in America that have to wear glasses, you may be wondering what glasses are made in the USA. It’s a hard thing to uncover, considering many popular manufacturers are based in China. In fact, 95% of glasses are made outside the US, and 90% are said to be made in China. 

With some research, though, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best glasses brands that are based in America. Below, we will go over the brands, what they do, and what part of the USA they are based out of. 

Shuron Eyeglasses 

Sharon is one of the oldest remaining eyeglass producers left in the United States, based in Greenville, SC; they have been creating glasses in-house since 1865. They were the first to produce the “Ronsir” style, which ended up being the most popular glasses style in the 1940s and has remained a top seller for the brand. 

They also have a warranty for glasses frames that lasts for one year from the date of purchase. The cost of purchase will depend on the frame selected and what your prescription is.  

Liquid Eyewear Sunglasses 

Liquid Eyewear started in a small garage near a beach in San Diego but now operates out of Yuma, AZ. It is one of the most popular sunglass brands that make its products in America. In fact, they are quite popular among those in the US military. 

The price ranges from $169 to $289 for their frames. The full price is dependent on what type of prescription they need to create. 

Drift Eyewear

Drift Eyewear is based out of Chicago, IL. They provide stylish, eco-friendly glasses that are made from recycled hardwoods. What they have managed to accomplish is incredible, with all glasses made by hand. 

You can choose regular prescription lenses or polarized lenses. The cost will be determined through the retailer you are purchasing, though. Find their list of retailers here

Arc-Iris Sunglasses 

Arc-Iris is another sunglasses manufacturer based in American Falls, ID. They have stylish wooden frames. They do not seem to do prescription lenses, but you can take their frames to a local eyeglass retailer to get prescription lenses put in. 

Arc-Iris sunglasses come with a one-year warranty against manufacturer defects. The prices vary from $255 to $414.

Kala Eyewear  

This shop is based out of Hayward, CA, and has been in business for over 25 years. A majority of their glasses are for people that enjoy the more circular aesthetic on their frames. If you like cool, colored, funky frames, they are definitely the recommended seller. 

Prices start at $270 and go to $400; you may purchase directly through them and have prescription lenses put in at your local eyeglass store, or you can go through one of their many retailers.

It’s worth noting that the materials they use for their glasses are imported from Italy and Japan, but they make their acetate frames in the US. However, their metal frames are manufactured in Japan. With that said, if you are interested in frames made only in the USA, go for the acetate ones.

Does Glasses Quality in the US Differ from Other Countries? 

As mentioned earlier, nearly 95% of all glasses are manufactured in China or other countries. With that said, many people wonder whether there is a discernible difference in quality or price when glasses are made in the US versus other countries. 

Some people will find a noticeable difference in quality when comparing glasses made in the US versus elsewhere. This is because, often, many eyewear companies in the US will handcraft frames; if they do happen to hire a manufacturer, they tend to oversee a lot of the quality control process to ensure their customers receive high-quality products.  

That’s not to say that glasses made in other countries aren’t of good quality; in fact, many glasses—especially if they’re from name brands—will offer just about the same quality as those produced in the US. After all, name brands have reputations to uphold, so they maintain stricter quality control. 

If you go with something off-brand or even an online brand like Zenni Optical, you will see a massive price drop, though many consumers have complained about their quality

Final Thoughts 

As you can see, the glasses market for USA-manufactured eyewear is incredibly small. However, the brands listed above are top quality in every sense of the word. So, if supporting USA-made products is your goal, these are the optimal brands to choose from. Keep in mind, though: the higher quality does come with an increased price tag.