Warby Parker is an extremely popular, high-end glasses retailer with a wide array of styles you can choose from. From serious, studious looks to a delightful array of colors, you will surely find frames you love. 

Here are 14 of the most popular frames Warby Parker offers.

Warby Parker Daisy Frames 

Warby Parker’s Daisy frames are perfect for women who want a slight cat-eye look. 

The cat-eye isn’t obvious at first glance, but according to Warby Parker, the Daisy frames “still command a little attention.”

The Daisy frames are available in seven colors, including Berry Crystal Fade and Eastern Bluebird Fade. 

Warby Parker Louise Frames 

If you want a slightly more obvious cat-eye look than what the Daisy frames offer, you might be interested in Warby Parker’s Louise frames.

Currently, these elegant women’s frames only come in one beautiful color, Blush Tortoise.

Warby Parker Whalen Frames

Warby Parker’s Whalen frames feature a keyhole bridge and scalloped detailing, making them the perfect round frames for women.

The Whalen frames are available in seven colors. Our favorites are Acorn Tortoise and Champagne with Cognac Tortoise.

Warby Parker Baker Frames

Featuring a keyhole bridge and round lenses, Warby Parker’s Baker frames are technically unisex, like many of these glasses are. However, these frames have a bit of a feminine feel

Right now, they’re available in two colors — Striped Sassafras and Eastern Bluebird Fade. 

Warby Parker Durand Frames

The Durand frames are similar to Warby Parker’s Baker frames, but this time, with a more masculine touch

While the lenses are round, the frames give them a squarer look. Warby Parker describes them as having a “perfect balance all while making a sharp first impression.

You can choose between seven colors, including Whiskey Turquoise and Jet Black with Polished Gold. 

Warby Parker Percey Frames

The Warby Parker website describes the Percey frames as a “bookish modern classic.” 

These frames are perfect for men who are looking for an intellectual, intelligent look.  

You can select from eight colors, including Striped Sassafras and Tidal Blue.  

Warby Parker Weathers Frames

Warby Parker’s Weathers frames are the perfect masculine option for people with round faces. 

The rectangular shape helps offset some of the roundness, and they come in your choice of four colors. Men and women alike love the Rosemary Crystal style in particular. 

Warby Parker Oliver Frames

Warby Parker customers love the rectangular Oliver frames for their simple, universally-flattering shape. 

While these frames might seem all business at first glance, they’re available in six different colors to add some style to your look.

Some interesting colors you can choose include Sea Glass Gray and Black Matte Eclipse, which has a thin line of silver around the edges. 
The variety of colors makes the Oliver frames a great choice for both men and women.

Warby Parker Welty Frames

Warby Parker’s Welty frames are unisex, but they’re most popular among women — especially in the Rose Crystal style.

These frames offer a slim, delicate look and are available in six gorgeous styles. They even have a translucent option, “Crystal.”

Warby Parker Wilkie Frames

Warby Parker’s rectangular Wilkie frames are popular among both men and women for their rectangular shape that flatters any face shape.  

There are eight different colors available to suit any style. Some of the most popular include Matte Eclipse and Sea Glass Grey.

Warby Parker Wright Frames

If you’re looking for unisex frames with round lenses and a keyhole bridge, the Wright frames are perfect.

The Nutmeg Crystal and Rosemary Crystal colors are both excellent choices for women, and men love these frames in Cognac Turquoise.

Warby Parker Haskell Frames

The unisex Haskell frames have a simple round shape and slim arms, perfect for anyone who wants their glasses to give them a more intelligent look

You can get these frames in your choice of eight colors, including Camel and Azure Crystal. 

Warby Parker Butler Frames

The simple, rounded Butler frames are flattering on all face shapes. They’re particularly popular among teens and college students

These unisex frames come in four different colors, including Butterscotch Tortoise and Shoreline Fade, which fade from dark blue at the top to light blue at the bottom. 

Warby Parker Felix Frames

The unique Felix frames are known for their fade colors, Crystal with English Oak and Chamomile Fade.

These unisex frames are a great option for anyone who likes to personalize their look. Including the two fade colors, there are six styles to choose from.