If you’re looking to buy a pair of new eyeglasses from Warby Parker, you may be wondering if they will come with a case or if you will need to buy one separately.

Every pair of glasses you purchase with Warby Parker come with their own case and lens cloth to keep your glasses clean and protected.

In this article, we will look at how to store your Warby Parker frames correctly, if the frames come with their own case and if you can purchase the Warby Parker cases separately.  

Do Warby Parker Glasses Come With a Case? 

You have ordered your new pair of glasses from Warby Parker. So what comes with your order? Upon purchasing your new eyewear, you will receive your prescription lenses with a handy lens cloth to keep them clean.

You will also receive a frame case to keep your new pair of glasses protected at all times. In fact, your glasses will arrive safely in the case. Always store your glasses in the case to ensure they last as long as they can.

What Kind Of Case Do You Get from Warby Parker?

When purchasing new glasses from Warby Parker, your glasses will come in a case ready for you to use. Warby Parker has changed the cases they give away in recent years. In the past, when you received your glasses, they would come in a rectangular, deep case that had an extremely hard outer shell. 

The material seemed thick and hardy. Since then, the cases you receive with your glasses have changed. The case is now thinner and not quite as sturdy as the last, although this is still a hard case. The lid is now a hard but thin material with a magnet to keep the case shut.

Can You Buy Warby Parker Cases Separately?

If you need a new case or would like to purchase a spare, Warby Parker sells a few different causes for you to choose from. They sell Parker and Double Parker Pouches. The Parker pouches are soft plush pouches to store your glasses in with a leather exterior and magnetic clasp to keep the case shut. The Double Parker Pouch means you can store two pairs of glasses at once. It costs $15 – $20 for a Parker Pouch at the time of writing.

If you’re looking for something a little sturdier, there is a Parker Case to purchase as well. This case is sturdier and foldable to make sure it fits into any bag. The Parker case comes in 5 different fashionable colors and has a magnetic clasp.

Alternatively, you could purchase the Parker Travel Case if you have multiple pairs of glasses. The Parker Travel Case is great for storing up to 3 pairs of glasses in a sturdy case. This case comes in 3 different colors and closes with a zip.

How To Store Your Glasses

It’s important to lose those bad habits many have when it comes to their glasses. Many people may wipe the lenses with their shirt, use their breath to clean them, put them in their pocket without any covering. This can lead to scratching and ruining your glasses. Some people wear them on the top of their heads when they’re not using them. This causes stretching to the arms, and eventually, they no longer fit your face.  

Whether your glasses are prescription, non-prescription, and sunglasses, be sure to take care of them correctly to ensure they last as long as possible. Cleaning your glasses incorrectly can cause scratching to your lenses. You must use the correct products made especially for cleaning your lenses. 

Lens wipes are a quick and easy way to clean your glasses and are also handy to keep in your pocket or bag for use on the go. It is important to keep your glasses stored in a case, preferably a hard case to prevent, scratching, crushing, bending, or snapping your glasses. It would be best if you stored your glasses lens side up in the case to prevent any scratching.

Final Thoughts 

It’s important to keep your glasses safe in a case so you can get the best use out of the possible. You can purchase a case from Warby Parker from their selection of reasonably priced cases or enjoy the free one you receive with the pair of eyeglasses you ordered from them. It is definitely better to go for a hard case instead of a soft flimsy case; this will keep your glasses protected.