You just found the perfect pair of glasses by Warby Parker and are ready to have them shipped to your front door. If you’re impatient for a new look or need a new prescription, then you’re probably wondering how long you should expect to wait.

On average, new prescription glasses from Warby Parker take 7-10 days to ship and arrive at their destination after your prescription has been verified.

This article will answer other commonly asked questions regarding Warby Parker’s shipping and product protection. These will include average shipping costs, return policies, and more.

How Can I Get My Warby Parker Glasses Sooner?

Waiting over a week for your new pair of Warby Parker glasses might be a bit too long for you, especially if you desperately need to replace your lost or damaged pair.

Luckily, Warby Parker offers expedited shipping that ensures your glasses arrive 6 business days after the company has verified your prescription.

You could receive the glasses sooner by going to one of Warby Parker’s stores rather than shopping online.

While you likely won’t walk out that same day with a new pair of glasses, you can book a comprehensive eye exam that will result in your prescription.

This will eliminate the extra time you would’ve had to wait for the company to verify this from a personal optometrist or alternative source.

What if I Don’t Need Prescription Glasses?

Warby Parker offers a vast selection of customizable glasses and sunglasses you can purchase with various frames, lens types, and prescription types, including non-prescription.

Individuals who purchase eyewear that doesn’t require a prescription verification can expect to receive their Warby Parker product sooner (usually around 5 days with free shipping and 3 days with expedited shipping).

How Much is Warby Parker Shipping?

Anyone who’s shopped online knows that shipping can easily increase your product’s total by $5-$30 or more, depending on the type of shipping you pay for, your location, and the source.

When Warby Parker’s prescription eyeglasses already start at $95, you might wonder how much to budget for shipping.  

Because Warby Parker sells excellent, high-quality eyewear at premium prices, their standard shipping is free. Those interested in expedited shipping will have to pay $25.

However, if you aren’t satisfied with your glasses and decide to return them, shipping for this is free through a pre-paid label, even if you purchased expedited shipping originally.

Can I Track My Warby Parker Glasses Shipping?

Absolutely! When you order a pair of glasses from Warby Parker, they’ll request your preferred email and phone number.

You’ll receive notifications, a tracking number, and other relevant information through your emails that will allow you to see where your package is in the shipping process and when to expect it.

When you enter your preferred phone number, you can also receive text notifications to keep you updated if you’re not the type of person to check their emails regularly.

What is Warby Parker’s Return and Protection Policies for Glasses?

Purchasing a new pair of glasses is a significant investment, as this is a necessary item you’ll likely use day.

The team at Warby Parker is well aware of this, which is why they go to great lengths to ensure the product you receive can be protected and meet your aesthetic and visual needs.

Warby Parker offers the following exchange, return, and protection policies for select items purchased from their online or retail stores:

30-Day Hassle-Free Return or Exchange

This allows you to return or exchange any glasses you purchased up to 30 days from their purchase date, free of charge, including the replacement of damaged frames within this timeframe.

6-Month No-Scratch Guarantee Protection

Any glasses fitted with scratch-resistant lenses that have visible scratches can be returned within six months from their purchase date for replacement lenses, free of charge.

Acceptance of Vision Insurance from Select Providers

Individuals can apply for vision insurance protection through select insurances to cover:

  • Prescription eyeglasses
  • Prescription sunglasses
  • Contact Lenses
  • Eye Exams

Knowing this information, particularly the company’s exchange and return policies is also important to utilizing their Try-On program.

Final Thoughts

Next time you decide to order a pair of glasses from Warby Parker, try to plan ahead, as they’ll likely take about a week to ship and arrive.

Once you have them, remember that they are covered under the company’s 30-day return or exchange policy and might qualify for the 6-month no-scratch guarantee, should you experience any issues.

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