If you are wondering whether Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, or AOC as she is known, actually wears glasses, you are certainly not alone! And luckily, we have the answer to your question right here, and it’s a little more complicated than you might think. 

AOC does wear glasses. However, there is quite a lot of debate among Americans as to whether or not she actually needs them to see. Many believe that because the glasses don’t cause any distortion on her face, they do not have a prescription but are simply worn for aesthetics. 

In this article, we are going to dive into the details of AOC’s glasses, including what style she wears and why people don’t believe they are real. So keep reading if you want to find out why Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez does and doesn’t wear glasses. 

Does AOC Wear Glasses?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was elected as the U.S. Representative for the 14th district of New York in 2019. The democrat still holds the position today, and although her policies and performance are certainly controversial, many people talk more about her glasses than they do her political work! 

And people want to know: Does AOC wear glasses? Well, there’s no doubt about it, AOC absolutely does wear glasses, at least sometimes. 

In many photos, such as her official government portrait and when Ocasio-Cortez is out and about, she does not wear glasses. However, during interviews and debates, AOC is usually wearing her signature glasses. 

Now, because she is not always wearing glasses, some people wonder if they are real prescription glasses or if they are only for show. 

But it’s important to remember that many people use both glasses and contacts to correct their vision, and she could very well be doing the same. 

Does AOC Need Glasses?

As you now know, many people have speculated that AOC doesn’t actually need glasses. But the fact that she doesn’t wear them at all times isn’t actually the main argument. 

The general consensus is that when you take a photo of someone wearing prescription glasses, you will see a slight distortion of their face behind the lenses.

And consequently, AOC’s glasses do not distort her face in any way. In fact, you can see right through the lenses as if they’re not even there. 

Another interesting bit of information that makes people believe Ocasio-Cortez’s glasses are fake is that she has been quoted saying, “Everyone who wears glasses is smart, so these are proof that I know my stuff.”

Now, whether the controversial politician was joking or not, we don’t really know. However, those who already question her integrity are happy to say that she is not wearing prescription glasses because she needs to but is, in fact, wearing fake glasses to look smarter! 

AOC has made no official comment as to whether or not her glasses are required for better sight or if she wears them to look more like a qualified politician. 

And although the debate rages on, we may never actually know if AOC truly wears prescription glasses or if she chooses to wear them to look smarter. 

What Type of Glasses Does AOC Wear?

That being said, you will often see AOC with a pair of glasses on. In fact, they are always the same pair, and they have become her signature look over recent years. 

The glasses AOC wears are square oval or pantoscopic round oval wired frames. Again, the exact brand and model of glasses are not known by the public, but many people are trying to find the exact same pair! 

Some people call them “Atticus Finch” glasses, like from the popular book and film “To Kill a Mockingbird.” And many Americans, especially women, are on the hunt for the perfect Atticus Finch glasses to make them look smart, just like AOC. 

Are AOC’s Glasses Real?

Realistically, no one actually knows if AOC’s glasses are real or not. 

Those who support her usually vote that yes, Alexandria’s glasses are, in fact, prescription glasses that she uses to see. 

However, those who question her integrity often argue that they are not real but are only for show. 

But until AOC speaks directly about her glasses to the public, all we can really do is speculate!

The Bottom Line

So, does AOC wear glasses? Well, yes and no. 

The truth is that the U.S. representative does wear glasses on occasion; however, sometimes, she is seen not wearing them. 

While this is not really big news, as many people wear glasses when needed or switch to contact lenses when they prefer, there is quite a debate as to whether her glasses are “real.”

The truth is that no one really knows if AOC’s glasses have a prescription, you can decide for yourself based on the information collected whether or not she has impaired vision or is making a fashion choice!