Breaking Bad is hailed as one of the best television shows ever made, and this is largely due to its iconic main protagonist Walter White. Perhaps the character’s most visually defining feature is his glasses, which leaves cosplayers and Breaking Bad enthusiasts wondering the exact model of this crucial prop.   

There is no confirmed model for the glasses that Walter White wears throughout the majority of Breaking Bad. However, it is widely speculated that they are B.M.E.C. Big Men’s Sam Eyeglasses.

In this article, we’ll discuss the debate over Walter White’s glasses. As you read, you’ll learn what alternative models people suspect, where you can get these glasses, and the exact names of other glasses this character wears, such as the Heisenberg sunglasses.  

How to Get Walter White’s Glasses

Ever since Breaking Bad was initially released in 2008, people have been wondering what glasses Walter White wears.

Unfortunately, the show’s prop master and costume design team never stated their exact model to the public, so we’re left guessing.

The closest model sources have found to date are the B.M.E.C. Big Men’s Sam Eyeglasses. While these are a near identical match, their nose pad arm mounts aren’t quite the same as Walter’s.

Another close guess has been the Stetson 250 eyeglasses, but again, the design isn’t identical to the glasses used in the show.

Luckily, there is a way to get Walter’s glasses without knowing their exact model. Magnoli Clothiers currently makes exact replicas of this eyewear for purchase.

They’re sold with polycarbonate lenses, but your local optometrist can easily swap these out for prescription lenses if necessary.

Why Can’t We Find Walter’s Glasses?

One reason why it is so difficult to pinpoint which glasses Walter White wore nowadays is because Breaking Bad aired from 2008-2013, making this the golden time to research the model.

Now, nearly a decade since the series finale, most models up for speculation have been discontinued, making it difficult to find and confirm whether they’re the perfect match.

There is also the fact that Walter wears fairly generic-looking glasses that are difficult to pick out of the near-endless list of options.

What are The Heisenberg Sunglasses?

While Walter White’s daily wear glasses remain an enigma, oddly enough, sources have confirmed the models of all the other glasses he’s worn, including the sunglasses worn by his alter-ego, Heisenberg.

The bold sunglasses worn by Walter White as Heisenberg are confirmed to be Smith Optics Turntable Sunglasses.

These glasses feature rectangular lenses in a large, wrap-around frame that allow Walter to protect his identity behind their chunky design while exuding the intimidating and serious persona Heisenberg needs.

Unfortunately, Smith discontinued this model, but newer options, such as the Riptide or Soundtrack Sunglasses, look close to the originals.

What Glasses Does Walter White Wear in the Series Finale?

In Season 5 of Breaking Bad, we see a 52-year-old sport an eyewear upgrade.

His once square lenses set in a slim, copper frame are traded in for a pair with slimmer, rectangular lenses in a visibly thicker, black frame.

These eyeglasses worn in the finale season of Walter White’s journey are Republica by the brand Montreal.

One could argue that the switch to these new glasses is nothing more than the character’s eyes degrading beyond his previous prescription now that he’s a year older.

An analyst would say this change has symbolic significance, representing Walter’s shift from the cunning, calculating scientist, to the defeated fugitive with nothing else to hide.

What Glasses Does Gus Fring Wear?

Another iconic character in Breaking Bad who also consistently wears glasses is Gustavo “Gus” Fring.

This Chilean-American restaurant entrepreneur and major narcotics distributor often goes toe-to-toe with Walter while donning his “Giancarlo” glasses framed in 18-karat gold.

You won’t hear a specific brand name for these glasses because they actually belonged to Giancarlo Esposito, the character’s actor, who had them specially made by a company in Toronto.

In an interview, Esposito stated that he had used these glasses regularly for 10 years and never once dropped them until he was on set, shooting for the show.

When the glasses fell, a chip was created in the corner, and Esposito knew this event was a sign that these glasses now belonged to his character, Gus.

He had the pair sent back to the original makers for an exact replica; the rest is history.  

Final Thoughts

Walter White wears several pairs of glasses throughout Breaking Bad that are easily recognizable as his, no matter the situation.

Unfortunately, since the show ended quite a few years ago, if you want to purchase a pair of your own, you’ll likely have to settle for newer models of what Walter White wore, as most of the originals have been discontinued.

The only alternative would be to purchase cheap or customized replicas, but this will depend on your vision needs and the overall purpose of this purchase.