Warby Parker is a popular store with a wide variety of glasses for all ages. This brand makes it easy and convenient to get glasses by providing online shopping options, in-store shopping options, and even the option to order by phone. But, does Warby Parker have kids’ glasses?

There is a wide variety of styles for children to choose from. Warby Parker’s selection of kids’ glasses stem from their signature styles which have been scaled down to fit small faces.

Picking out the perfect style of glasses for your child can be tricky. Here are a few great designs from the Warby Parker website that should be excellent for any child.

Does Warby Parker Have Kids Glasses?

Warby Parker is a go-to for many adults who want cute and trendy glasses. You might not know that Warby Parker also makes a number of styles of kid-sized glasses: 


While there are nine types to choose from, we definitely have some favorites.

Percey Glasses

Percey glasses have a versatile style and come in the largest variety of colors. These glasses are a great gender-neutral option for children of all genders. 

These glasses have a round frame that works well with young children without emphasizing overly masculine or feminine features. 

Your kid’s Percey glasses can come in any of these colors:

  • Tidal blue (transparent blue)
  • Peony (transparent pink)
  • Crystal (clear)
  • Striped sassafras (tortoiseshell) 
  • Goji berry (opaque red)

Overall this is a good look for a large variety of children and a great place to start when looking for a pair of everyday glasses. This is the type of frame that can go with all sorts of outfits and your children will love.

Shea Glasses

Shea glasses offer an elegant and sassy look with a large round frame and slight cat eye. It is a great pair of glasses for an expressive and outgoing child.

Shea glasses are full of personality and a great choice for children who are as interested in fashion as they are being able to see the world around them. 

The only downfall is that Shea frames only come in two colors: rose guava and peacock green. If you know your child prefers neutral colors, Shea frames might not be best. 

Wilkie Glasses

Wilkie glasses are a much more traditionally “boyish” look, with a sharp rectangular frame that makes it look like you are ready to study. 

This is a wonderful look for children who may be more interested in reading or games in their spare time, and definitely will make your little one look like they are ready to take on any academic challenge they see. 

These glasses only come in blue and black, but these classic colors go with a wide variety of outfits and fit in at a wide variety of events. Like the Percey glasses, this is a great all-around choice for children of any gender.

Wilkie frames are a bit more “adult” looking than the other frames, both because of their color choices and their sharp, angular shape. 

Are Warby Parker Kids Glasses Worth it?

Children’s lenses come with extremely durable, impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses. This is the type of lens that is recommended for children under sixteen. 

The scratch-resistant lenses come with a six-month no-scratch guarantee as well as an anti-reflective coating to help prevent glare. You can even add blue filtering to any pair of glasses for an additional fee.

Where can I Get Warby Parker Kids Glasses?

Warby Parker does its absolute best to make the buying process as easy as possible. You can order:

  • On the phone 
  • In store 
  • On their website

They take a wide variety of insurance and even have a feature where you can virtually try on glasses. This is exceptionally helpful for families who are either extremely busy or children who have trouble sitting still.

Warby Parker offers a wide variety of styles for younger children. Since they’re based on signature adult styles, your child can keep the same shape and style of glasses as they grow!

Final Thoughts

Warby Parker has a decent selection of kids’ glasses, and they really are good quality. If you’re looking for cute, colorful, on-trend glasses for your kid, Warby Parker is the way to go!