Most people who wear glasses do so out of necessity rather than to make a fashion statement. But, what if you want your glasses to be functional and fashionable at the same time? You may be wondering how to know if your glasses are too big for your face.

A few telltale signs that your glasses may be too big are:

  • You are constantly pushing them back up your nose
  • Your eyes look like they are too close together
  • The frames extend beyond the widest part of your face

Below, we’ll discuss how to ensure your glasses fit on your face correctly and look great. Keep reading to learn more!

How to Tell if Your Glasses Are Too Big

Wearing glasses can be a hassle, so most of us want our glasses to fit and look as perfect as possible.  

Some signs that tell you your glasses are too big include:

  • Your glasses are constantly slipping down your nose
  • Your eyes look too close together
  • Your glasses extend beyond the widest part of your face

Below, we’ll discuss how to tell if your glasses are too big and give you some tips on finding the best-fitting frames for your face.

Your Glasses Are Constantly Slipping Down Your Nose

Constantly pushing your glasses back up on your nose is one of the number one signs that your glasses are too big.

No one wants to wear glasses that are constantly slipping down their face.

Sometimes, the solution is a simple matter of adjusting your nosepiece so your glasses sit in place. But other times, different measures need to be taken.

If you are wearing frames that do not have an adjustable nose piece, you may need to purchase a new pair or see if your optometrist can heat the frames so they fit better.

Your Eyes Look Too Close Together

Are you getting strange looks or an occasional muffled snicker when someone looks at you? It may have to do with the fact that your eyes look too close together.

It’s not uncommon for people’s eyes to look like they are too close together when their frames are too big for their faces. Finding a pair of frames that fit properly will combat this issue.

Your Glasses Extend Beyond the Widest Part of Your Face

Paying attention to where the widest part of your frames line up with your face is important.

Regardless of the shape of your face, your glasses will usually look a little funny if they are wider than the widest part of your face. If your glasses extend beyond the broadest point of your face, choose a different pair.

How to Pick the Best Frames for Your Face Shape

Now you know how to tell if your glasses are too big, so you may be wondering how to pick the best frames for your face shape.

Generally, you can follow the guidelines below to choose the best-looking glasses:

  • People with round faces should opt for a pair of rectangular or geometric frames.
  • People with oval faces can generally wear any frame shape, as long as they are no wider than their face.
  • Someone with a heart-shaped face should gravitate toward square or aviator-style frames.
  • People with square faces tend to look better with round or oval frames, which can balance out the hardness of their faces.
  • Someone who has a diamond-shaped face can pull off the cat eye look, or round and oval-shaped frames.
  • If you have a triangular-shaped face, it is best to wear frames that follow the line of your brows or a semi-rimless pair.

Knowing your face shape and what fits the best will help save you a lot of time and unnecessary frustration when it’s time to purchase your next pair of frames.

Can I Adjust My Current Glasses to Fit Better?

If you like the way your frames look and don’t want to buy a new pair, there may be a way to save yourself some money and keep the frames you like.

If you own a pair of glasses with an adjustable nose piece, it is usually very simple to gently push the nose pieces attached to the bridge inwards to fit more comfortably.

Most eyewear retailers will adjust your frames for free if you are not comfortable doing so.

If you prefer one-piece molded frames, making adjustments is a little more tricky and is best left to the professionals.

For solid-framed glasses, it is generally required for you to heat the frames, then gently bend them to fit more comfortably to your face before they get cool again.

In Conclusion

If you’re always pushing your glasses up on your nose, your eyes look too close, or the frames extend beyond the widest part of your face, there is a chance your glasses are too big.

Seeking the advice of your optometrist or favorite eyewear retailer will ensure you are satisfied with whatever frames you choose and can see properly.