Zenni Optical has become the go-to place for prescription glasses online. They have glasses and sunglasses in many styles for everyone, including children. It is possible that because they are online, you may find yourself wondering about how long it may take to ship. After all, your prescription eyewear is a very important part of your daily life.

Zenni Optical glasses can arrive at your home in as little as two weeks or as long as three weeks. Their site states fourteen to twenty-one days for standard shipping. This includes the time it takes to make the glasses and the travel time to your home.

It may seem like a long time to wait for glasses, but most in-person stores have a wait time of around the same. In-person stores mean you will need to travel to order the glasses and travel to pick them up. Zenni Optical glasses can make their way to your home much quicker. Read on to see just how quickly you may be able to get your glasses.

How Long Does Zenni Take to Ship?

Depending on where you are located may make for a longer shipping time. Zenni Optical’s glasses are manufactured in China and sold all around the world. Many people have received their glasses much sooner than the average fourteen to twenty-one-day time frame they state on their website. It is rare for glasses to take any longer than that time frame.

They have three shipping options for shipping in the US which are: 

  • Standard Shipping – They will come in about 14 to 21 days and will cost $4.95
  • Priority Shipping – They will come in about 10 to 16 days and will cost $9.95
  • Express Shipping – They will come in about 8 to 12 days and will cost $18.95

Most people choose the standard shipping and get their glasses in under two weeks. If you can wait that long, the least expensive choice is the way to save a little money. Even the $19 option can take as long as twelve days, while the less expensive shipping method may still get your glasses to you at a lower cost.

If you live in different parts of the world, it may take longer. Israel, for instance, takes up to fifty days to receive glasses, while Canada is around twenty days. Shipping prices are also different all around the world. The prices listed above are for the US only. You will also need to take into account holidays and weekends as some delivery services won’t move packages on Sundays or holidays.

Do You Pay For Shipping if You Need to Return the Glasses?

If your glasses do not fit properly upon their arrival, you can ship them back within thirty days of them arriving. You simply call, chat, or email Zenni Optical, and you will receive an RA number and a prepaid label which means you will not need to pay for shipping even if they fit properly, but you just do not like them.

There are few items that must be included in the return box, or you may not get a refund. These are:

  • The glasses, of course, in the hard plastic case they arrived in. The frames and lens must all be in the case.
  • Accessories you are returning

If you are returning them due to an issue on Zenni’s part, they ask you to please write/type a short explanation as to why you are returning the glasses and a copy of the prescription that was filled. This is to allow them to ensure the glasses were made correctly. You do not want to wear the wrong prescription. 

Do Some Glasses Take Longer to Ship?

All the glasses will take the same amount of time to ship, but some will take longer to make. Sometimes the fourteen-day shipping time is more because it may take a while to make a bigger order or specialty glasses. One day of processing compared to three days. 

If you order ten pairs of prescription glasses, you may have a longer wait time than someone who orders one pair of non-prescription glasses. Once your glasses ship, you will receive a tracking number to know roughly when to expect them.

Zenni Optical Shipping

No matter what pair of glasses you order, you can expect to be wearing your new glasses within three weeks. This is much quicker than many other big-name eyewear companies. Zenni is a very reputable company that ships quality glasses around the world. No matter where you live, you can find yourself with a great pair of glasses quickly.