Of all the parts of your glasses, the nose pads are probably the most neglected. No one gives nose pads much thought until one of them breaks. When one of the nose pads is missing, your eyeglasses are useless. Now you wonder how much it does cost to replace the nose pad on your glasses. 

In most instances, having a professional eyeglass technician install new nose pads on your glasses costs $25 – $50. A repair kit that allows you to replace the eye pads costs between $5 and $25. Minor repairs to your glasses are not difficult and can save you a bit of money.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both options. You may find having a professional replace the eye pads on your glasses has other benefits. In some instances, keeping a small repair kit on hand can save you time and money.

Cost to Have Eyeglass Nose Pads Professionally Replaced

In some cases, repairing or replacing the nose pad or nose pad arm on your frames requires special equipment. Only a trained optical technician can make these kinds of repairs or replacements. Most optical stores charge for these kinds of repairs or replacements.

On average, most optical stores will charge between $25 – $50 to replace the eye pads on your frames. Some stores might repair your frames for free if they sold the frames to you. Typically, the repair costs depend on the style, material of the frames, and the type of nose pad on your frames.

What are the Advantages of a Professional Eyeglass Repair?

There are several advantages to returning to the store where you bought your frames and having a trained optical technician replace the nose pads on your frames. 

  • The optical technician receives training to repair the frames that the store sells. This training ensures that the repairs are correct. 
  • The technician may spot other problems with your frames. Making repairs before they become serious is always a good idea.
  • Eyeglasses always perform better and are more comfortable to wear when they are properly adjusted. The optical technician can fit your frames to your face for more comfortable wear.
  • If the technician damages or breaks your frames, the optical store is typically responsible for further repairs or replacement of the frames.

On the downside, the optical store may charge for replacing the nose pads on your eyeglasses, especially if the replacement requires special tools or equipmenht.

Can I Replace the Nose Pads on My Glasses?

Glasses nose pads kits are available at most optical stores and in many other places with the parts to repair your eyeglasses frames. These kits usually cost $5 to $25, depending on what parts and tools the kit include. Many people routinely keep one of these kits handy, especially if they travel.

One of the paradoxes of repairing your eyeglass frames is the small size of the parts that you must often replace. The small screws and other parts are challenging under the best circumstances. It can be almost impossible when you don’t have your glasses because you are working on them.

Most kits include replacement nose pads and various sizes of screws that fit the hinges on your frames. You can also expect the kit to have small tools that fit the different parts of your eyeglass frames. 

Keeping one of these kits handy gives you the ability to make repairs on your frames. Repairing your frames is often more economical than a trip to the optical store. In worst-case situations, a temporary repair using one of these kits can keep you working until you can visit the optical store for a professional repair.

Are Different Types of Nose Pads Available?

If you need to replace a broken nose pad on your frames, there are options for upgrades. Upgraded nose pads are often more comfortable to wear. Some replacement nose pads are adjustable for a custom fit to your face. In any event, you can customize the nose pads on your eyeglass frames.

If you want to upgrade the nose pads on your current frames, you must head to your optical store. Most nose pad upgrades require a trained optical technician to change your frames’ nose pads and nose pad arms.

Which is Best – Professional Repair or Do-It-Yourself?

In the end, repairing or replacing the nose pads on your eyeglasses is not a luxury. It is a necessity. Few of us can get by day to day without our eyeglasses. For the low cost that a professional repair involves, we recommend that you have a trained optical technician repair or replace your nose pads, ensuring that your glasses perform correctly and fit well.