If you have ever worn a pair of glasses with nose pads, the odds are you have removed your eyewear after a long day, discovering those dreaded marks on the bridge of your nose.  You silently curse your poor eyesight, wondering if those marks are destined to become a part of you.

By understanding how the nose pads on your glasses work, you will be amazed by the positive relationship formed between your nose and your eyewear.  You will probably even find that your nose pads no longer leave marks, but they are helpful.

Do Your Fames Fit Your Face?

While initially, you may think you cannot live without THAT pair of glasses in your life, if you are uncomfortable all day or can’t wear them because they dig into the bridge of your nose relentlessly, then you are in a losing situation.

This is an easy fix. The fastest way to figure out if your frames fit correctly is to have an eyewear expert check before you take the plunge and purchase your new frames.  

If you opt for purchasing your frames online, if your frames are not the right size, that does not mean all is lost.  Often if you take your new glasses into your optometrist’s office, they can make some adjustments to your new frames, helping them fit your face correctly.

Are Your Nose Pads in the Proper Position?

One of the main culprits in the war with nose pad marks on your nose is the pads simply being in the wrong position.  Again, this is an easy adjustment, so don’t those your new frames to the curb just yet.

Provided that your glasses have metal nose pads, you can carefully adjust them yourself by slowly pulling them in or pushing them out from the bridge of your nose until your glasses sit on your nose more comfortably.

If your nose pads are plastic or if you are afraid you might break them, you can always take them back to the shop for a quick, professional adjustment.

Are  Your Glasses Too Heavy?

Again, you might think you have found the perfect pair of glasses, but if they are too heavy for your particular face, it needs to be a hard pass on those frames from you. 

If you opt for a pair of frames that are simply too much for your nose to withstand, then they will more than likely weigh down on the pressure points on the bridge of your nose, and those unsightly, uncomfortable nose pad marks are inevitable.  

Prime it

If you still feel you are fighting a losing battle, try the hack Tik Tok has made a household craze when preventing marks on your nose made by your nose pads: eye premier.

Eye primer prevents the area it covers from sweating as much, thus cutting down on glass slippage and irritation caused by those pesky nose pads.

Keep It Clean

If none of these issues seem to apply to your situation, the cause of the marks from your nose pads could simply be that your face is dirty. Makeup residue can cause the pads on your nose to irritate your skin, so make sure you thoroughly clean your face regularly.

Also, if the skin on the bridge of your nose is very dry where your pads rest, then there is an excellent possibility that they will leave marks.  To prevent this, make sure to moisturize that portion of your nose regularly to avoid dry skin.

Winning by a Nose

While at some point or another, every person who has ever worn glasses has had an issue related to the nose pads leaving those unsightly, often painful marks on the sides of their nose.  That does not mean that you need to toss your glasses in the nearest garbage can.

By making some simple adjustments to your frames and the way you treat the skin around the area in question, you are very likely to alleviate the issues that nose pads have had on your nose for what may seem like an eternity.  

Make sure your glasses are the right size for your face, the pads are in the proper position, they are not too heavy for your face, and by putting a small amount of makeup primer on your nose and ensuring your face is free of makeup residue and other dirt that can accumulate under your nose pads, you just might see those once-annoying extras on your glasses can be helpful.