Because Yves Saint Laurent glasses are luxury Italian eyewear, fakes are often produced and presented as the real thing. One way to tell if your YSL glasses are authentic is to check the serial number. 

You can find the serial number on your Saint Laurent glasses by following the steps below:

  • Look at the inside of the bag the glasses came in. 
  • Find a tag with a 12-digit serial number. It should have the words “Made In Italy” on it. 
  • Check the inside of your frames near the left temple for the same serial number.

How to Find the Serial Number on Saint Laurent Glasses

You can find the serial number attached inside the complimentary bag that comes with your glasses. 

YSL serial numbers are 12 digits long, separated by a dot. The first six indicate the style number. 

If you don’t have this bag anymore, you can also find the serial number printed on the inside of the left temple of the frames. These two serial numbers should always match each other. 

Once you find the serial number, you can check your frames for authenticity online at or in a Saint Laurent store. 

Confirming Your Purchase is Authentic

There are a few other things to pay attention to in order to confirm your glasses are authentic. These include: 

  • Lettering 
  • Authenticity Card
  • Stamp and Chain 
  • Logo

Below, we’ll discuss what to look for to ensure authenticity.


Some eyeglass bags have the words “Made in Italy” printed under the serial number. Some models or years will also have those letters capitalized and embossed.  

If they aren’t capitalized and embossed, they will just be stamped or imprinted into the tag itself. 

Some frames that have embossed letters include:

There should be a Saint Laurent logo on the frames themselves with the words “Made in Italy” stamped on it. 

The letters should be evenly spaced, all in the same font, and have the “N” and “T” in the words “Saint,” and “Laurent” joined together at the top right corner of the N. 

Authenticity Card

You should have a white authenticity card and a black care booklet included in your package when you purchase your glasses. 

If the card is fake, the font will be different from the traditional one and the card will be done in light silver. 

Stamp and Chain

You should also find a stamp on the tag inside the bag where you found your serial number. This stamp should be straight and in the correct font to ensure authenticity. 

This stamp, which contains the serial number, is usually found near the zipper and sewn into the lining around the edges.

 It will be rectangular in shape and the same color as the bag. The serial number will be opposite the tag. 

Any chains included with the glasses should be sturdy. Nothing should seem like it’s easy to break. 


Another way to check the authenticity of your Saint Laurent glasses is by looking at the logo. 

The logo on the box your glasses came in should match the one on the brochure, as well as the one on the frames themselves.

How to Spot Fake YSL Glasses

There are several things to look for when trying to spot a fake pair of YSL glasses. Some are easy to find, and others may take a little bit of time to examine. 

The top ways to spot a fake pair of YSL glasses include checking the glasses’:

  • Weight
  • Price
  • Hinges

Below, we’ll discuss how to use these factors to spot a fake.

Check Your YSL Glasses’ Weight 

The weight of the glasses can tell you whether they are fake or not. Real designer sunglasses have a weight to them due to the materials’ quality. 

If your glasses are lightweight and “plasticky,” chances are you have a fake pair. 

Check Your YSL Glasses’ Price

Another way to tell if your glasses are fake is the price. 

If you find an item that is normally expensive and being sold at an incredibly discounted price, more than likely, they are not the real thing. 

Check Your YSL Glasses’ Hinges

The hinges on your YSL glasses should move easily. It shouldn’t be too hard, or too easy, to open and close the earpieces.

Fake glasses will have single-attachment screws that don’t allow the hinges to move as smoothly.