Sunglasses are not helpful in protecting your eyes from the sun. They can also be a fun fashion statement. However, some people may find that sunglasses accentuate their areas of insecurity, like making their noses look bigger. So, how do you wear sunglasses with a big nose?

To wear sunglasses with a big nose, you should choose a big, dark, and fun pair. Essentially, the bigger the glasses look, the smaller your nose looks. However, you should also be aware that certain shapes, such as square, rectangle, and large round glasses, are best for those with big noses. 

In this article, we are going to break down 5 tips for picking sunglasses that are best for a big nose so that you can confidently select a pair that will look great on you and make your nose look a little smaller at the same time!

Choose the Right Shape

The most important thing you should consider when choosing the right sunglasses for a big nose is the shape of the frames. 

When it comes to sunglasses, there are no shortage of frame shape options. However, certain frames are a great choice for big noses, whereas others should be avoided. 

Best Shape Sunglasses for Big Noses

To make your sunglass selection just a little easier, here are the shapes you should try on:

It’s important to understand that within each of these categories, there are still a variety of options to choose from. 

But because every face, and nose, is slightly different, you will likely have to try on a few pairs before you find the frames that perfectly suit your face and nose. 

Worst Shape Sunglasses for Big Noses

Just as there are shapes that are great for big noses, there are several that you should avoid. 

  • Small Round
  • Small Cat Eye
  • Narrow Frames
  • Thin Frames
  • Aviators

As well as selecting the best frames for a large nose, there are 4 other tips you should know to find the best sunglasses. 

Select a Pair With a Low Bridge

It’s vital that you find a pair of sunglasses with a low bridge if you want to make your nose look smaller. But what does a low bridge look like?

Well, most often, it means that the connecting bit between the two lenses will be lower than the top of the frames. 

Low bridge sunglasses are specifically designed to sit lower on the nose and, therefore, make the glasses appear bigger and the nose smaller. 

Go for Dark Colors

You should also pay attention to the color of both the frames and the sunglass lenses. 

Dark colored frames and lenses will always make the nose look smaller as they draw attention to the sunglasses themselves and away from the nose or face. 

Now, that doesn’t mean you need to choose black out glasses. A great option for those with big noses is to opt for gradient lenses, which means they are darker at the top and lighter towards the bottom. 

This illusion can also make a nose look smaller and is a fantastic style choice!

Don’t Go Too Small

It should come as no surprise that bigger sunglasses are better for faces with a big nose. 

Just as when selecting the right shape and color sunglasses, opting for a wider or bigger pair can make your nose look smaller and will flatter your face! 

When it comes to rectangular, cat eye, or square glasses, you should choose the pair that is quite wide. Whereas if you’ve chosen a round pair, you should ensure the circles are big, not small. 

Opt for a Fun Style

Finally, the best way to wear sunglasses with a big nose is to find a pair with a bit of style and flair! 

Not only are these sunglasses fun to wear and let you express your personal style, they also ensure that the sunglasses will be eye-catching enough to take the attention away from your nose. 

Funky or stylish sunglasses will make you feel and look great! 

The Bottom Line

So, how do you wear sunglasses with a big nose? Let’s recap!

To wear sunglasses with a big nose, you should ensure the glasses are big, the right shape, dark colored, and have a fun style. 

Any pair that draws attention will take the focus off your nose and flatter your face in all the best ways.