There are a lot of scams out there today, many of them involving designer accessories and clothing. When you buy something like Balenciaga glasses, it’s important to ensure they are authentic. One way to do this is by checking the serial number. 

  • Locate the serial number on the inner left side of the frames.
  • Find the style number on the left side of the frames.
  • Authenticate the information on the right side of the frames.
  • Make sure all the hardware matches.

Quickly Find the Serial Number for Balenciaga Glasses 

High-end fashion products can be a once-in-a-lifetime purchase, so when you spend the money on Balenciaga glasses, you want to be sure they’re real. 

There is no online authentication process for these glasses, making it even more difficult to ensure they’re the real thing. 

Because Balenciaga is a high-demand designer brand, some people make fake glasses and try to pass them off as the real thing. 

Even without an online authentication process, there are many easy ways to make sure your new Balenciaga frames are completely authentic. 

One of the best is to locate and authenticate the serial number.

To find the serial number on Balenciaga glasses, you must look on the inside of the left arm of the frame. You will see the serial number etched into the material at the bottom of the inner tip, and it will be lighter in color than all the other numbers.

If you don’t see the serial number here, it’s a major indication that the frames are fake. 

Other Information on the Left Arm of Balenciaga Frames

The serial number isn’t the only information you can find on the left arm of your glasses. 

When you look through the glasses from the inside, you can also see:

  • The style number
  • The lens width
  • The size of the nose bridge
  • The arm length

This information can also help you ensure your Balenciaga frames are real. Search for the specifications of your frames on Google and make sure the information matches what you see.

Is There Any Information on the Right Side of Balenciaga Frames?

The inner right arm of your Balenciaga frames should note the brand name and where the frames were made. 

This should always say “Balenciaga” in the correct font, and the frames should be made in Italy.

You will also find the CE Stamp on this arm. This stamp shows that the product has been made in accordance with EU regulations. No real Balenciaga glasses would be complete without this mark. 

If you cannot find any of these pieces of information on your Balenciaga frames, you should be more than skeptical about your glasses

Check the Hardware on Your Balenciaga Frames

Another easy way to determine whether your Balenciaga glasses are authentic is to check the hardware. 

Balenciaga is a brand that prides itself on using only the highest-quality components. They also ensure everything fits together and matches. 

If different pieces of hardware are different colors, or if you notice cheap-looking material, your glasses are likely fake. 

For example, the hinges should match the wiring hardware on the nose bridge in both finish and color.

How to Deal with Fake Balenciaga Glasses 

If your authentication checks led you to believe you’re dealing with fake Balenciaga glasses, the first thing you should do is report them to the authorities. 

It’s also a good idea to report the fraud to Balenciaga. They have a vested interest in stopping fakes from being sold as the real thing. 

If you bought the glasses from a well-known store, you should also make them aware of the problem. Hopefully, you can then at least get a refund on your purchase. 

Avoiding Designer Glasses Scams 

In the end, the best cure is prevention, and avoiding a scam is much less stressful than dealing with it later. 

There are two surefire ways to avoid scams — buying from a trusted source and authenticating your new glasses as soon as possible.

Buy from a Trusted Source 

The first and most important step in making sure the Balenciaga glasses you buy are the real thing is buying from a trusted source. 

An expensive purchase like this should only be made at a retailer you completely trust. Buying from a source you don’t know or trust is a recipe for disaster. 

Authenticate the Glasses as Soon as Possible

Scammers have a way of disappearing quickly. The faster you realize your glasses are fake, the better your chance of doing something about it. 

Make sure to check your Balenciaga glasses for authenticity as soon as you get them so you can deal with it as soon as possible if they’re fake. 

Since there is no authentication database, you will need to Google the glasses and make sure they line up with what is advertised.