The serial number is an important feature of any designer Burberry product, including their glasses. This number can be used to authenticate the product and track your warranty. 

Burberry glasses come with a serial number located on the inside of the left arm. If you do not see it there, check the left arm, the area near your nose bridge, or the lens themselves. This nine to 13-character number is printed on a small tag or metal plate and is unique to each pair of glasses.

Where is the Serial Number on Burberry Glasses?

Knowing your Burberry glasses’ serial number can help you verify their authenticity or register them for warranty coverage. 

When purchasing new glasses, especially a designer pair like Burberry, you should always check the serial number to ensure you are getting a genuine Burberry product.

You can find the serial number on a pair of Burberry glasses in several places, depending on the model and design. You might find it in the following areas:

  • The inside of the frame near the temple 
  • The left arm of the frame
  • Near the nose bridge 
  • Laser-etched onto the lens

Factors that may affect the location of your Burberry glasses’ serial number include the age and style of the frames. 

For example, the serial number may be found on the inside of left the arm on newer frames, but underneath the arm on older frames. 

It is crucial to check all locations to ensure you are not missing a serial number. 

How to Read the Serial Number on Burberry Glasses

When reading the serial number on your Burberry glasses, it is important to be aware of the variations in the way the number may be printed. 

Depending on the model and design, the serial number may be a string of letters and numbers or divided up into several parts. 

The serial number on Burberry glasses is usually composed of 9-13 characters, although the number of characters can vary by model.

The serial number typically starts with one to two letters, depending on the model, followed by a series of numbers. 

How to Distinguish a Genuine Burberry Serial Number

You can easily distinguish genuine Burberry glasses from fake ones by examining the laser-etched font and engraving of the serial number. 

A genuine serial number’s font is difficult to copy, but the numbers and letters are clearly legible and in a uniform size. 

The engraving should be perfectly aligned, and the surface should be smooth. 

Fake serial numbers typically have a different font than genuine ones, and the engraving is usually not aligned properly. 

The surface of the fake serial numbers may also appear rough or have irregularities. 

What if the Serial Number is Missing on My Burberry Glasses?

The importance of having a serial number on your Burberry glasses cannot be overstated. 

This number is used to authenticate and verify the product. It’s also necessary to have the serial number if you ever need to claim your warranty.  

Without the serial number, you will not be able to take advantage of any potential warranty coverage. 

If the serial number is missing from your Burberry glasses, the best course of action is to contact the Burberry customer service team.

They may be able to help verify the authenticity of your glasses and provide warranty coverage if applicable. 

How to Verify Burberry Glasses’ Authenticity

After buying Burberry glasses, it’s important to verify that the product is genuine. 

Apart from the serial number, there are a few other ways you can verify your Burberry glasses’ authenticity. 

Look for the Burberry Logo

One way to verify the authenticity of Burberry glasses is by checking for their signature logo, which should be printed on either side of the frame’s lens. 

Make sure it matches the official logo exactly and does not appear faded or smudged. 

Make Sure the Packaging is High-Quality

Genuine Burberry glasses should come in an official Burberry box, which contains the following items:

  • Protective case
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Product information booklet 

Each of these items should have a properly printed Burberry logo and should not include cheap or flimsy materials.

Look for a “Made in Italy” Label

Burberry glasses are manufactured in Italy and will have this information printed either inside the arm or on their packaging. 

If the glasses don’t have this label, it could indicate that they are fake.

Verify the Build Quality

Burberry glasses are made with premium materials and should feel as such. 

If your glasses feel too light or heavy, or if their hinges don’t handle solidly and securely, there’s a good chance they aren’t the real deal. 

Purchase from an Authorized Retailer

Verifying the authenticity of Burberry glasses is easy when you purchase them from an authorized retailer. 

Authorized retailers must sell genuine Burberry products with their official logo and other features, and they’ll usually offer a warranty.