Gucci glasses and sunglasses are a very sought-after brand of eyewear. With a variety of stylish frames, they have something for just about everyone. Because these glasses are considered high-end, you may want to keep them in a case. Do authentic Gucci glasses and sunglasses come with a case when you purchase them? 

Authorized retailers of genuine Gucci products will include a case at the time you purchase your glasses. The case will contain the Gucci logo in the official font used by Gucci. 

Authentic Gucci sunglasses will always come with a case. Keep reading to learn what the official Gucci glasses case looks like and other ways to ensure your products are authentic!

Do All Gucci Glasses Come with a Case?

When you purchase a pair of Gucci sunglasses, they will come with a case that features the Gucci logo. This should match the official Gucci logo and font, and all stitching should be evenly spaced.

With the era of online shopping at its peak, many products claim to be the original, authentic versions of themselves. 

But, Gucci is a very desired brand, and with that comes the possibility of fake products being sold.  

If the logo on your case doesn’t match the official Gucci logo, the case and glasses don’t match, or you don’t receive a case at all, it’s likely that either the case or the glasses are fake.

Another thing to look at is the stitching. Gucci takes great pride in the details, so the stitching should always be uniform. 

How Can I Be Sure My Gucci Glasses Are Real?

In addition to having the correct case, there are several things you can look for when determining if your Gucci glasses are real or not. These include:

  • Spelling
  • Manufacturer
  • Model Number
  • Nose Pads
  • Hinges

Below, we will discuss how inspecting each of these details can help you spot a fake.


The easiest way to tell whether your glasses are real Gucci products is to check the spelling. 

If Gucci is misspelled or you see words like “inspired by” or “like” anywhere on the glasses, they are not authentic products


Gucci sunglasses are all made in Italy or Japan by the Safilo Group. You should see the letters “CE” after the manufacturer’s location on your Gucci glasses. 

If it is not there, the glasses are fake. 

Sometimes, the words “Made in Italy” or “Made in Japan” are painted on. If you can scratch the words off, the glasses are fake. 

Model Number

You should see the letters “GG,” which stands for Guccio Gucci, on your glasses. 

After these two letters, there should be a model number. This will be four numbers with an “S” at the end. 

You can research the model number on the internet. If you can’t find the model number on the official Gucci website, your product is fake.  

Nose Pads

You’ll see a small metal piece with the Gucci logo engraved in the middle of your glasses’ nose pads. 

If you do not see that, you have fake glasses. 


The hinges on authentic Gucci glasses should have no plastic or screws that attach the hinges to the frame. The hinges on your glasses should also move easily without any sticking.

Seeing any screws or plastic, or difficulties opening and closing the hinges, will let you know you are not dealing with an authentic product. 

How Should I Place My Gucci Glasses in the Case?

When storing your glasses, always place them in the case with the lenses facing upward. If you store them with the lenses down, it increases the chances of the lenses scratching. 

Once your glasses are in the case, be sure to store them in a temperate area. 

Do not store your glasses on the dashboard of your car if it is parked in the sun, as the increased heat can warp the frames. 

In Conclusion

Authentic Gucci glasses come with cases that will help protect your frames and lenses.

To ensure you’re dealing with authentic products, look for the correct model numbers, logos, and hinges.

Gucci glasses and accessories are high-quality, high-end products. After purchasing them, make sure you protect them well by storing them in their case.