Dior is one of the leading luxury brands on the market. Their impressive style and quality products are beloved around the entire globe. Specifically, Dior glasses are known as the height of style and sophistication. But let’s find out where Dior glasses are actually made. 

Almost all Dior glasses are made in Italy, specifically in the city of Milan, home of Dior headquarters. However, the company released a line of glasses called “Made in Japan” which were actually made in Japan. Other than this collection, though, all of Dior’s glasses are manufactured in Italy.

In this article, we are going to dig a little deeper into understanding where Dior glasses are made, as well as why the luxury brand has chosen these locations and a whole lot more. So keep reading if you want to become a Dior glasses expert. 

Where Are Dior Glasses Made?

Dior glasses are made in Milan, Italy,  with the exception of the Made in Japan collection. So unless you have or want to purchase a pair of sunglasses from the Made in Japan collection from Dior, your glasses were made in Italy. 

The truth is that the Made in Japan glasses line is not the first of the company’s products to be produced in Japan. In fact, all their jeans are already made there. 

Therefore, Dior already has a manufacturing operation in Japan that they worked with and carefully chose to have one collection of sunglasses made by their Japanese ateliers.

Even so, Dior’s studio in Milan will forever be one of their biggest and most productive locations. As Milan is known as one of the fashion capitals of the world, the placement of Dior’s Milan studio is completely intentional. 

As we will learn in a following section, Dior’s manufacturing studios in Italy are run by their partner company, Thélios, which ensures each and every pair of glasses is handmade to perfection. 

Are Dior Glasses Made in Paris, France?

Many people are confused by the fact that Dior’s design studios and headquarters are mainly located in Paris, France but that their products are made all around Europe and the world. 

Most Dior glasses are designed by the company’s elite team of artists in their Paris studios. However, the actual manufacturing and creation of the designs happens elsewhere. As you now know, most of Dior’s sunglasses are made in Milan, Italy, while the Made in Japan collection is made in Japan. 

But it is important to understand that Dior has manufacturing studios in a variety of locations and therefore, can and might produce glasses somewhere else at any point. 

How Are Dior Glasses Made?

Dior glasses are quite expensive, but almost everyone agrees, they are worth it! And while their style is certainly breathtaking, the careful handmade manufacturing is also what makes them so popular. 

Since the 1970s, Dior has made intricate and beautiful glasses made of the world’s finest materials. And for the past 50 years, the company has continued to produce completely handmade glasses with innovative materials and designs. 

Eyewear from Dior is always made from acetate plastic material, which is a biodegradable plastic, usually derived from wood pulp and mixed with acetic acid. As an eco-friendly alternative to plastic, Dior is doing their part to not only produce beautiful and stylish pieces, but also keep the world spinning on. 

Today, Dior’s glasses are still made by hand in Italy and Japan, making them not only perfectly produced, but also undeniably special and unique. 

Who Manufactures Dior Glasses?

Dior is an incredibly large company, and in order to efficiently and successfully produce beautiful handmade eyewear, they work hand in hand with Thélios. 

Thélios use innovative techniques and incredible craftsmanship at their Italian studios to construct the designs Dior created at their Paris studios. The designs are meticulous and amazingly detailed, but they could not come to life without Thélios manufacturing. 

This partnership allows you, the consumer, to enjoy a perfectly crafted pair of glasses or sunglasses that are not only stylish, but also perfectly made. 

The Bottom Line

So, where are Dior glasses made? Well, now you know that while almost every pair of Dior glasses are made in Italy, there is one collection, the Made in Japan line, that are actually manufactured in Japan. 

It’s important to remember that most Dior glasses are usually designed in Paris, France, but made by the company Thélios in their Italian studios. 

But now you know a lot more than that too! As promised, you are now a Dior glasses expert, as you even know how they are made and why they are so incredibly special.