Accidents happen, and damage can hit a perfect set of glasses. If you purchased your pair from Warby Parker, is it possible to replace the lenses there? Does Warby Parker offer lens replacement?

If your lenses are scratched within thirty days of purchase, Warby Parker will replace them for free. Otherwise, it will cost over $50.

Read on to learn about Warby Parker and its ability to replace lenses. We will discuss what to do with old Warby Parker lenses, how to remove them from the frame, and additional information. The more you know, the sooner you can replace lenses.

Can I get New Lenses in My Old Warby Parker Frames?

Sometimes, prescriptions change. If your old lenses don’t work, but your Warby Parker frames are still intact, it’s possible to put a new prescription lens in your old frames.

There are a few caveats to this situation. The frames must be:

  • Good quality: The frames must be in ideal condition to replace the old lenses with new ones. Over time, they get brittle and frail. You can’t add new lenses if your frames are in this state.
  • Practical: The new lenses must be a practical choice for lens replacement. Fancier lenses may need a new frame to keep them in ample shape.

They must be in the best possible shape to place new lenses inside.

It makes sense to keep the same frames and put in new lenses if you are going for a single-vision lens replacement.

However, splurging on a new pair of frames might be a better choice if you’re investing in progressive lenses.

Let’s say you remove your lenses and replace them with a new set.

What do you do with the old lens set? Do you throw them away or put them in some recycling location?

What do You do with Old Warby Parker Lenses?

It’s tempting to toss your old lenses in the trash or hoard them in a drawer if you don’t need them anymore.

However, you can do many practical things with them that can help other people.

Although donations work best if you donate a frame and lenses, you can donate lenses, too.

Many locations get frames, and they can add your lenses to the eyeglasses.

Here are a few of the best things to do with your old lenses:

  • Send them to a website that needs them, like Lions Clubs International
  • Donate them to a local Goodwill
  • Bring them to a Costco or Walmart Vision Center
  • Ship them to a non-profit like Optometry Cares
  • Resell them to those who want them

There are many options to get rid of your old lenses.

It’s best to do research before donating your lenses to a location. There should be information online to help you narrow down the best options.

To donate your lenses, they must be out of the frame. How do you remove Warby Parker lenses?

How do You Remove Warby Parker Lenses?

It takes firm pressure to remove Warby Parker lenses from their frame.

It’s critical to take care to avoid breaking them in the process.

Here are the steps to remove lenses from Warby Parker frames:

  • Determine how the frames hold the glasses – screws and snap-ins
  • Remove screws if necessary
  • Lay down a towel
  • Gently push the lenses out of the frames

They should slide out at this point.

Once the lenses are out, wrap them in a safe spot. Ensure they won’t break or scratch before you can give them away.

Can You Just Buy the Frames From Warby Parker?

Although you can’t just buy the frames from Warby Parker, it’s possible to purchase glasses without prescription lenses.

These are straight glass and won’t impact your vision.

You can also purchase glasses and remove the lenses. You can then do as you wish with the frames.

Final Thoughts

Prescriptions change, and new lenses are necessary.

If you need to replace a pair of Warby Parker lenses, it’s possible to put them inside your old frames. Ensure they are in quality condition, or your glasses will fall apart.

We hope this information was helpful! Most people don’t want to spend more money than they need to when handling glasses.

With a simple lens replacement in the same frame, wearers can save up to 40% on their new prescription.